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Resource Efficiency

The Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe recognises the important role of SMEs in contributing to sustainable growth based on a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy. Principle IX of the Small Business Act adopted in 2008 focuses on “Enabling SMEs to turn environmental challenges into business opportunities” . The European Commission is aware of the need to enable SMEs to become key players in the transition to a green economy that promotes resource-efficiency and this is the reason why the Commission is currently working on an Action Plan which is expected to promote resource efficiency among SMEs. Following numerous exchanges with the European Commission throughout 2012 and 2013 on this relevant initiative for SMEs, UEAPME replied to the public consultation on the Green Action Plan for SMEs in December 2013. Along with its replies to the consultation questionnaire, the organisation submitted a paper, which addresses the issues not tackled or insufficiently tackled by the EC’s consultation. Among them, green skills and the role of the new EU funding programs through which the Action Plan’s measures will be financed.


-  01/12/2013: UEAPME reply to the consultation on Green Action Plan for SMEs

-  01/12/2013: UEAPME Position Paper on Green Action Plan complementing replies to the EC consultation

Press Releases

-  02/07/2014: Implementation of the Green Action Plan for SMEs risks to fail