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European Forum "Local Governance and Sectorial Social Dialogue" (LOGOSSD)

This project is now closed.


The European Forum "Local Governance and Sectorial Social Dialogue" (LOGOSSD) proposes an innovative approach to promote and develop Sectorial Social Dialogue amongst local actors and their counterparts at the European level. By integrating the economic approach (sectorial and multi-sectorial) with the local approach (cities and governance), the European Forum aims to set the stage for a new bottom-up approach for organizing economic and social relations. The LOGOSSD European Forum was established with the support of the European Commission (DG Employment and Social Affairs), social partners and European cities.

It is the product of a process developed by a Core Group of 15 members representing European social partners. 150 representatives of social partners of the 25 member-countries of the European Union and four acceding countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Turkey), along with mayors of major European cities, will gather during the Forum to discuss the issue of "Local Governance and Sectorial Social Dialogue".

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Forum for a Responsible Globalisation, Lyon, France, 25-28 October 2006


The Forum for a Responsible Globalisation is the key event of dialogue for everyone who is concerned by the global stakes of this century and who believes that they can act to make a difference, each in their own way, each in their own local area.

It is designed to serve as a resource site, a place to find information and insight into the dynamics of globalisation. The format of the Forum’s programme includes background sessions and discussion sessions on innovative practices and experiences.

It aims to encourage social dialogue and facilitate cooperation among business leaders, union leaders, representatives of NGOs, international organisations, academics, elected officials of cities and regions.

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