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MoveArt- Promoting trans-national mobility in the art professions

This project is now closed.


Created and put in place in the framework of the European LEONARDO Da VINCI II programme, this project aims to contribute to the employability and adaptability of art professionals in the art professions in Europe. In the long term, the project foresees the development of multi-actor partnerships and the creation of a mobility network in the art professions.


Realised thanks to the support of the Leonardo programme of the European Commission, MoveArt is the fruit of the work of a partnership coordinated by the SEMA (Society for the promotion of art professions- Paris) and which brought together the European Organisation of SMEs and Craft Trades (UEAPME), the professional craft organisations: l’Assemblée Permanente des Chambres de Métiers (APCM) in France, l’Associazione Artigiani Bergamo (AAB) in Italy, and the Programa para a Promoçao dos Oficios e das Microempresas Artesanais (PPART) in Portugal, the art profession training bodies, le Centre Européen de Recherches et de Formation aux Arts Verriers (CERFAV - France), le Centro de Formaçao Profissional do Artesanato (CEARTE) in Portugal and la Scuola d’Arte Applicata Andrea Fantoni in Italy.

The brand new and unique website about mobility in the art professions, available from 15 October but already online, moveart provides a European database of 800 training bodies for the art professions and a collection of all the useful legal, administrative and pedagogical information you need to get started. The pilot version offers, moreover, information on glass, decoration and pottery in the Italy, Portugal and France, as well as a list of the principal salons and exhibitions of the sector, the European organisations specialized in the art professions and practical information sites.

MoveArt has been created in order to provide solutions for people wishing to acquire experience abroad, students, workers or job seekers, for training bodies and for enterprises who want to pour organise international exchanges.

The website is aimed at:

  • Vocational training establishments and organizations in order to organize placements and training exchanges;
  • Vocational guidance bodies in order to disseminate information across training branches in Europe;
  • People undergoing training and professional integration (pupils, apprentices, workers, job-seekers);
  • Professionals in the art professions in order to give them direct access to information on the training offer and the different forms of assistance for mobility in Europe.