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ENTER - Enlargement and Entreprises

This project is now closed.

What was ENTER?

A project of UEAPME and the Avignon Academy, co-financed by the European Commission Prince Programme. This project aimed to raise the awareness amongst SMEs in the 15 EU Member States on the impact of EU enlargement, which took place in May 2004.

How did the project work?

The project ENTER aimed to provide information to EU SMEs and Craft businesses and raise awareness amongst them on:

- a) The main features of the economy of the accession countries and the economic implication of the enlargement on crucial issues such as:

  • Economic growth
  • Professional mobility
  • External trade
  • Internal market
  • Investments
  • Social dialogue

- b) The impact in terms of opportunities and consequences of the enlargement on important sectors of production and services of SMEs and craft enterprises such as:

  • Construction
  • Machinery
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Car repairs
  • Beauticians

- c) To familiarise EU SMEs and craft businesses with European instruments, networks and organisations in order to promote synergies between companies in the EU and the accession countries.

Information was transmitted through a series of seminars and information campaigns.

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