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This project is now closed.

The aim of the €urobest project was to bring forward communication practices and techniques employed by a variety of national organisations and bodies throughout Europe to inform their SMEs about the introduction and implementation of the euro.

What is the €urobest Practice Project?

As we approach the date for the implementation of the euro on 01 January 2002, small and medium-sized businesses across Europe will soon be facing the unique opportunities of a more integrated single market. Undoubtedly, the new currency offers great challenges for SMEs, but whether businesses are ready to face them will be strongly influenced by the individual national communication strategies. The €urobest project attempts to identify and measure the relevance of these national strategies by assessing them and the relevant national communication tools based on their content and contribution.

The aim of the €urobest project is to bring forward communication practices and techniques employed by a variety of national organisations and bodies throughout Europe to inform their SMEs about the introduction and implementation of the euro. All sixteen countries represented in the project submitted a series of samples and surveys of their own national euro strategy. All national differences (political/geographical/economical/social context) have been incorporated to reflect the variety and diversity of European SMEs.

How can €urobest benefit my country?

The €urobest project combines all findings in one report enabling the sixteen participating nations to compare their different communication strategies, share best practices, and learn from individual national experiences. It can also serve as a communication guideline to countries that will be joining the single currency in due course. Through €urobest, countries can learn about their own national efforts as well as how their counterparts have managed euro communication issues. To access individual country reports please click on €urobest and then select the relevant country by clicking on the map.

Outstanding Countries

Certain countries contributed outstanding examples of communication tools and strategies. These countries have been selected on the basis of the effectiveness of their individual national contributions. Outstanding performances were identified in five different categories: product family, communication strategy, distribution channel, innovation and legibility. Please click on the individual countries to access outstanding examples of communication practice.


  • Outstanding product family and communication strategy.


  • Outstanding distribution channel.


  • Outstanding communication tool in terms of innovation.


  • Outstanding communication tool in terms of legibility.


  • Outstanding non - Euroland Communication Tool

Overall results

Sixteen European countries actively participated in the €urobest project. This is a reflection of joint communication efforts across Europe. Although the information provided was not always complete and as required, all countries assisted in disseminating as much information as possible to complete the process. The project highlights the need for effective communication techniques and strategies. Without clear communication objectives, countries will not be able to reach national SME target audiences. €urobest defines the connection between key communication factors, emphasising the need to incorparate feedback from SMEs into key publications and the importance of distribution records to monitor its effectiveness and success.

It was evident that all participating countries are supporting their SMEs with €uro implementation input by communicating issues in various forms and formats. These communication efforts must be maintained and streamlined to fit national needs and requirements. National SME bodies and organisations may find the recommendations included in their individual country reports helpful in supporting them with this task. The project can provide the basis for discussion and stimulate the incorporation of innovative ideas and processes. €urobest supported and encouraged unity amongst European countries, whilst reflecting on joined efforts in promoting the euro to SMEs.

UEAPME would like to thank all participating countries for their help and support with all project issues.