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This project is now closed.

A one-year European project focusing on the collection of good practices for the prevention of accidents in SMEs, co-funded through the SME Funding Scheme, managed by the European Agency for Health and Safety at Bilbao.

What were the objectives of the project?

The main aim of the project was to identify and disseminate effective good practices for the prevention of accidents and the risk of accidents in SMEs and specifically in small and micro enterprises from across the European Union. It identified the structures and actors who play a role in risk prevention in the different Member States. Taking the practical experiences of enterprises as a starting point, the project aimed to highlight the factors for success in reducing and preventing the risks of accident.

Who were the target groups?

There were four main target groups:

- 1. Small and micro enterprises
- 2. European, national and regional social partners
- 3. Professional organisations representing the craft industry and SMEs at national level in the 15 Member States and the Candidate countries
- 4. Sectoral organisations for SMEs (construction, beauty sectors etc)

The results were presented at the final seminar on 26 June 2002 in Brussels.

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