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Climate Change Adaptation

UEAPME replied to the Public Consultation in Summer 2012 in view of the EU Adaptation Strategy adopted in April 2013 and as a follow-up of the implementation phase of the White Paper (2009-2012) “Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action”. In its reply to the consultation, UEAPME stressed the importance of adopting national strategies on climate adaptation and of involving stakeholders and in particular SMEs in such policies both at national and EU levels.

UEAPME believes that most economic sectors will suffer due to the adverse effects of climate change and that the situation will particularly affect SMEs. As a result, UEAPME demanded that the EU Adaptation Strategy explores the impact of climate change in the competitiveness of businesses, particularly SMEs. UEAPME also stressed that the strategy foressees trainings on climate adaptation for SMEs through the involvement of SME intermediary organisations. It is important to bear in mind that SMEs could have a harder time to adapt to climate changes as they have limited human and financial resources to cope with the adverse effects.

In July 2007 the European Commission presented its Green Paper “Adapting to climate change in Europe: options for EU action”. UEAPME elaborated the position paper below as a reaction to the Green Paper.

Position papers

-  November 2007: UEAPME’s reaction to the Green Paper "Adapting to climate change in europe"