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Tripartite Social Summit

The Tripartite Social Summit, which meets at least once a year, before the Spring European Council, institutionalises the informal summits held since December 2000. It consists of the Council Presidency and the two subsequent Presidencies, the Commission and the social partners, represented at the highest level. Its objective is to ensure the effective participation of the social partners in implementing the EU’s economic and social policies. As European Social Partner, UEAPME sits at the Tripartite Social Summit.

The Tripartite Social Summit was establised in 2003 by Council decision 2003/174/EC.

Press releases

-  18/10/2017: Future of Europe: SMEs want Scenario for Growth, Jobs and Stability

-  08/03/2017: SMEs’ recovery continues, but new risks and imbalances surface

-  19/10/2016: EU common challenges will not be solved without SMEs

-  16/03/2016: SMEs need more supportive conditions for jobs and growth

-  15/10/2015: Making Europe competitive for growth and jobs: new task for social partners

-  19/03/2015: Social Partners have to tackle competitiveness for growth and jobs

-  23/10/2014: Tripartite Social Summit: Put competitiveness first, including in Climate Policy

-  20/03/2014: Current policies not sufficient to enable SMEs to grow and create jobs

-  24/10/2013: Heads of State urged to provide better financial instruments for a recovery

-  14/03/2013: Tripartite Social Summit: no EU funds for countries delaying reforms, say SMEs

-  18/10/2012: Tripartite Social Summit: austerity alone will not work, warn SMEs

-  01/03/2012: Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs demand growth-focused measures

-  17/10/2011: Tripartite Social Summit: reforms are needed to avoid risk of recession, warn SMEs

-  24/03/2011: Tripartite Social Summit: time for unions to discuss wage developments, say SMEs

-  28/10/2010: Tripartite Summit: only reforms and private spending will trigger an upturn, say SMEs (auch verfügbar auf Deutsch)

-  25/03/2010: Tripartite Social Summit: time to re-think flexicurity, say SMEs

-  29/10/2009: Tripartite Social Summit: the crisis is not over, warn SMEs

-  07/05/2009: Employment will further decline unless urgent actions are taken, warn SMEs

-  19/03/2009: Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs urge EU to match commitments with action

-  14/10/2008: Tripartite Social Summit: no more time for words, say SMEs

-  13/03/2008: Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs call for labour markets overhaul

-  18/10/2007: Tripartite Social Summit: time to restore confidence, say SMEs

-  08/03/2007: Tripartite Social Summit: European SMEs call for bold structural reforms

-  08/03/2007: Tripartiter Sozialgipfel: Europäische KMU verlangen echte Reformen

-  20/10/2006: Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs call for a sensible approach to “flexicurity”

-  29/09/2005: European Social Partners call on Europe’s political leaders to take action

-  22/03/2005: European Social Partners present actions to support growth and employment

-  25/03/2004: Tripartite Social Summit for growth and employment discusses European Partnership for change

-  20/03/2003: European Social Partners meet Presidents of Council and Commission on the eve of the European Council

-  19/11/2002: Social Dialogue Summit: UEAPME also underlines improvements to be made on Convention and Enlargement

Other documents

-  08/03/2017: Framework Agreement on Active Ageing

-  October 2016: Statement of the European Social Partners ahead of Tripartite Social Summit

-  May 2009: UEAPME contribution to the Extraordinary Employment Summit