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Press releases

This page provides you with UEAPME’s latest press releases. The ten most recent press releases from UEAPME (in reverse chronological order) are also available in RSS format.

12/09/2018 Juncker Commission must not forget real economy in its final spurt
05/09/2018 UEAPME urges policy makers to strengthen SMEs
19/07/2018 Europe should grasp opportunities of digitalisation
17/07/2018 Competitiveness Policy needs stronger focus on SMEs
11/07/2018 SMEs voice strong concerns on EP vote on work-life balance
05/07/2018 Deepening of the EMU needs a realistic approach
27/06/2018 EU Industry Strategy has to be supported by next MFF
22/06/2018 UEAPME joins the Small is Beautiful Campaign
21/06/2018 European Labour Authority should serve the purpose of SMEs
19/06/2018 UEAPME supports access to social protection for all
19/06/2018 The harm caused by Brexit must be minimised for SMEs
15/06/2018 UEAPME President Rabmer-Koller: A strong Europe needs strong SMEs - and vice versa
08/06/2018 Single Market Programme will continue to support SMEs’ competitiveness
07/06/2018 Horizon Europe: Innovation Council needs adequate budget to deliver
29/05/2018 REACH registration deadline: SMEs struggle to comply
24/05/2018 UEAPME puts forward SME proposals for European plastics strategy
15/05/2018 GDPR: SMEs call for a period of grace
02/05/2018 MFF proposal sends positive signal, but needs sharpening
26/04/2018 EU-Budget Post-2020 has to provide strong support to SMEs
26/04/2018 European SMEs welcome Commission’s proposal on Platforms
12/04/2018 Unfair Trading Practices: New Proposal is a Step Forward but Promoting Fairness in the Whole Chain Remains a Challenge
11/04/2018 “New Deal for Consumers”: missed chance for SME-friendly law
21/03/2018 Economic and social progress cannot happen without SMEs
21/03/2018 EU SME Barometer: SMEs growth stabilised at high levels
13/03/2018 Self-employed must have better access to social protection
06/03/2018 SMEs say no to Commission approach for definitive VAT system
27/02/2018 New working conditions puts too much red tape on SMEs
27/02/2018 Digitalisation is crucial for SMEs’ competitiveness
22/02/2018 Sales of goods: a missed opportunity
22/02/2018 UEAPME puts focus on SMEs at Industry Day
06/02/2018 Geo-blocking will discourage SMEs’ online trade
30/01/2018 GDPR: SMEs call on Member States to support implementation
21/12/2017 New information to be given on working conditions: SMEs are concerned
19/12/2017 The European SME definition is still fit for purpose
12/12/2017 EFSI 2.0 will give further push for investment and innovation
07/12/2017 UEAPME elects its representatives for Europe’s SMEs
24/11/2017 SMEs are still the driving force of European economy
22/11/2017 Skills shortages: a threat for SMEs
17/11/2017 Social dimension needed for more jobs and fairness
27/10/2017 Private Sector speaks out for a better business environment in the Eastern Partnership Region
27/10/2017 Rabmer-Koller gratuliert Leitl zu EUROCHAMBRES-Präsidentschaft
20/10/2017 SMEs cast doubts on the consequences of “SMIT”
18/10/2017 Future of Europe: SMEs want Scenario for Growth, Jobs and Stability
18/10/2017 SME Climate Index attains a pre-crisis level with 80.2 points
06/10/2017 SMEs welcome EU Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships
12/09/2017 SMEs ask for an alternative scenario for the Future of Europe
19/07/2017 SMEs call for a different approach on work-life balance
21/06/2017 Private sector business organisations from Eastern Partnership countries demand better business climate for SMEs
12/06/2017 Europe’s SMEs are already pioneers for sustainability
06/06/2017 Banks agree to better inform SMEs if loan applications are declined
23/05/2017 For successful future of Europe SMEs need better framework conditions
16/05/2017 Higher vocational qualifications to meet the skills needs of SMEs
26/04/2017 The Social Pillar should better respect SME needs
29/03/2017 Brexit negotiations must minimise harm for SMEs
24/03/2017 SMEs profited from EU Integration, but more is needed and possible
09/03/2017 European chemicals policy: SMEs need intensive support
08/03/2017 SMEs’ recovery continues, but new risks and imbalances surface
08/03/2017 EU social partners to sign framework agreement on active ageing
02/03/2017 Preventive restructuring and second chance for entrepreneurs: what’s in it for SMEs?
26/01/2017 Improving the EU financial instruments: AECM and UEAPME present their proposals for the EU mid-term review
10/01/2017 Health and Safety Package rightly aims to support micro-companies
16/12/2016 Véronique Willems elected as UEAPME’s new Secretary General
16/12/2016 KMU brauchen geeignete Rahmenbedingungen für das 4.0-Zeitalter
16/12/2016 SMEs needs support to profit from digitalisation and the 4.0 age
30/11/2016 Upgrading skills, lowering taxation of labour and promoting the attractiveness of the tourism sector are key to boost current job creation peak
30/11/2016 SMEs welcome Clean Energy Package but need more support
22/11/2016 Actions for start-ups and scale-ups should be applied to all SMEs
19/10/2016 EU common challenges will not be solved without SMEs
11/10/2016 Europäisches KMU-Barometer: „KMU erholen sich, zögern aber bei Investitionen“
11/10/2016 SMEs recovering across Europe, but negative impact from Brexit
30/09/2016 Shortening the deadline for label replacement is completely irresponsible
27/09/2016 Euro-Meditarranean Social Partners’ Declaration on Social Dialogue
20/09/2016 Bedürfnisse der KMU müssen im Digitalisierungsprozess mehr Anerkennung finden
20/09/2016 SME needs have to be better recognised in digitalisation process
24/06/2016 UK referendum is a wake-up call for Europe
16/06/2016 Cooperation agreement with UEAPME strengthens SME Academy Avignon activities
10/06/2016 SMEs welcome EU Skills Agenda for better and more relevant skills
16/03/2016 SMEs need more supportive conditions for jobs and growth
14/03/2016 SME Barometer: Internal demand pushes SMEs ahead of EU recovery
09/03/2016 The EC posting of workers revision opens new debates
11/02/2016 Better involvement of SMEs in governance discussed with VP Dombrovskis
11/02/2016 UEAPME-Präsidentin Rabmer-Koller bei EU-Kommissionsvize Dombrovskis: Mehr europäische Unterstützung für KMU-Verbände
27/01/2016 EU SME policy has to move from words to actions
27/01/2016 In der europäischen KMU-Politik müssen den Worten endlich Taten folgen!
17/12/2015 SMEs welcome the result of the trilogue negotiations on the General Data Protection Regulation
16/12/2015 Ulrike Rabmer-Koller: new head of Crafts and SMEs in Europe
02/12/2015 SMEs welcome Circular Economy Package despite shortcomings
25/11/2015 UEAPME calls on EC to not follow EP report on Health and Safety
25/11/2015 EU associations trio strongly involved with SMEs forge common CMU position
18/11/2015 EU needs stronger policy for small and medium-sized enterprises
15/10/2015 Making Europe competitive for growth and jobs: new task for social partners
13/10/2015 EU Parliament vote on health and safety at work: SMEs deeply concerned
09/10/2015 Economic growth is picking up among European SMEs
30/09/2015 CMU Action Plan tackles right challenges, but much work still lies ahead
15/09/2015 The Digital Single Market should promote access and transparency
03/09/2015 SMEs supporting new approaches for welfare and jobs
14/07/2015 EU employers’ organisations and trade unions agree on a work programme 2015-2017
24/06/2015 UEAPME Vice-President on key enabling technologies
17/06/2015 Data Protection Regulation should encapsulate SME specificities!
28/05/2015 Maximising the Capital Market opportunity for SMEs and Start-ups
21/05/2015 East Invest continues its support to business organisations and SMEs
23/04/2015 MEPs and Stakeholders discuss the future of road transport
19/03/2015 Social Partners have to tackle competitiveness for growth and jobs
17/03/2015 Europe’s SMEs are stagnating rather than growing
05/03/2015 Social Dialogue needs new approach to tackle new challenges
26/02/2015 “Societas Unius Personae (SUP): what’s in it for SMEs?”
25/02/2015 SMEs have mixed feelings on Energy Union Strategy
18/02/2015 Capital Market Union can make a difference, but will not solve all SME finance problems
27/01/2015 UEAPME Board asks Juncker Commission to work on Small Business Act review
22/01/2015 European Social Partners promote social dialogue in EU candidate countries
23/10/2014 Tripartite Social Summit: Put competitiveness first, including in Climate Policy
16/10/2014 SMEs growing again amidst optimism that the worst is behind them
08/10/2014 The Data Protection Officer is a burden for SMEs and therefore should not be made compulsory!
26/09/2014 Business Organisations Demand Competitiveness First
11/09/2014 UEAPME presents Crafts and SME priorities to nominated Commissioners
16/07/2014 HOTREC and UEAPME call on the Council to offer flexibility to Member States on official control fees
02/07/2014 Implementation of the Green Action Plan for SMEs risks to fail
25/06/2014 SMEs present energy policy concerns ahead of EU Summit
12/06/2014 HOTREC and UEAPME call the European Commission to ask Google to set fair online search practices
05/06/2014 SMEs welcome ECB efforts to support SME lending
28/05/2014 Designating a Data Protection Officer should not be compulsory, especially not for SMEs
21/05/2014 SMEs welcome new GBER and remind Commission to enforce its own rules
07/05/2014 100 Best Practices for Gender Equality At Work
27/03/2014 Long-term finance: positive on regulation but not enough for SMEs
20/03/2014 Current policies not sufficient to enable SMEs to grow and create jobs
18/03/2014 SMEs in Europe lagging behind in recovery – no signs for jobs or growth
07/03/2014 Commerce and SMEs do not support an EU-wide target to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic bags
05/03/2014 Ahead of EU elections: Policy achievements for SMEs have been assessed
06/02/2014 2014 will be decisive for the future of Crafts and SMEs in Europe
19/12/2013 New de minimis regulation on State aid receives lukewarm welcome from SMEs
13/12/2013 Small Business Standards SBS: making standards better for SMEs
29/11/2013 UEAPME elects Peter Faross as new Secretary General.
12/11/2013 Heads of State need to deliver now on youth expectations for jobs, say SMEs
24/10/2013 Heads of State urged to provide better financial instruments for a recovery
17/10/2013 SME survey: Recession comes to an end; recovery at arm’s reach
18/09/2013 New EC de minimis aid proposal ignores the reality of SMEs, says UEAPME
12/09/2013 UEAPME supports the Parliament’s push on Microgeneration
16/07/2013 UEAPME presents its main achievements for Crafts & SMEs
11/07/2013 UEAPME welcomes prioritisation of SMEs in future regional development policy
10/07/2013 SMEs miss support measures in the Environmental Action Programme
10/07/2013 EMPLOYER, WORKER AND INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVES: Genuine Transparency and Governance Measures for European IORPs
03/07/2013 Employment of young people has to become attractive, SMEs tell Youth Summit
27/06/2013 UEAPME discusses youth unemployment and access to finance at the European Summit
27/06/2013 Employers Support Renewed Role for Social Partners In Economic Governance
17/06/2013 Business Alliance applauds official launch of EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) at the G8 Summit
12/06/2013 SMEs say no to collective redress, but react positively on antitrust damage proposal
11/06/2013 Framework of Actions on Youth Employment - Social Dialogue Provides Solutions to Reduce Youth Unemployment
30/05/2013 Horizon 2020: UEAPME requests more focus on innovation for SMEs
23/05/2013 Draft de-minimis Regulation needs some improvements, says UEAPME
16/05/2013 Business Alliance for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
24/04/2013 EP/ENVI includes SME support in Environmental Action Programme
12/04/2013 Restarting the SME credit market in Europe: what role for securitisation and the capital markets?
15/03/2013 Rural development: Parliament’s vote on EARDF ignores non-farming SMEs
14/03/2013 Tripartite Social Summit: no EU funds for countries delaying reforms, say SMEs
12/03/2013 Business confidence declines further as recession spreads, survey finds
07/03/2013 “Smart regulation”: all EU institutions must do their part, warn SMEs
28/02/2013 Capital requirements: SMEs welcome deal to transpose “Basel III” rules in the EU
21/02/2013 Public procurement: “trialogue” talks last chance to get rules right, warn SMEs
20/02/2013 Data protection: SMEs welcome vote at ITRE Committee, urge LIBE to follow
19/02/2013 Data protection: it’s not about Facebook, it’s about us, SMEs tell Parliament
13/02/2013 Product safety: new regulation more in line with our needs, say SMEs
09/01/2013 Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan sets right priorities, say SMEs
14/12/2012 Joint statement by UEAPME, BUSINESSEUROPE and CEEP on the negotiations on the working time directive
14/12/2012 General Assembly: Benassi’s mandate ends, President and Directors to cover interim
11/12/2012 EU patent: SMEs welcome unitary system, urge Italy and Spain to join
11/12/2012 European cross-industry employers: “Existing employer practices for active ageing should be recognised and promoted further”
28/11/2012 UEAPME joins pan-European campaign on risk prevention
27/11/2012 Marketing scams: SMEs welcome Commission’s communication
15/11/2012 SME Assembly: progress made is not enough, warns UEAPME
13/11/2012 Small Business Act: commitments are finally becoming actions, survey finds
12/11/2012 Macroeconomic Dialogue: SMEs call on unions to stop opposing reforms
06/11/2012 Statement from the UEAPME Board on SMEs’ access to finance
23/10/2012 Joint statement by employer, worker and industry representatives on the revision of the IORP directive
18/10/2012 Tripartite Social Summit: austerity alone will not work, warn SMEs
16/10/2012 Business confidence slides down as recession hits SMEs, survey finds
03/10/2012 Single Market Act II: not the greatest of sequels, say SMEs
02/10/2012 Economic crisis, future programmes: SMEs hand over ‘to do list’ to VP Tajani
01/10/2012 Policymakers urged to “get 2014-2020 programmes right” at 2nd SME Convention
27/09/2012 Cloud computing: EC strategy goes in the right direction, say SMEs
06/09/2012 SMEs’ jobs potential is the key to solve the employment crisis
26/06/2012 European Council: “Growth Pact” is necessary but not sufficient, warn SMEs
15/06/2012 Energy efficiency: trialogue deal can hinder small retailers, warns UEAPME
15/05/2012 Basel III: Parliament’s committee vote a key step in the right direction, say SMEs
02/05/2012 Europe’s efforts for growth must focus on SMEs, UEAPME tells Barroso
18/04/2012 “Employment package” too shy on SMEs as job creators, warns UEAPME
29/03/2012 The European Social Partners: “Focusing on youth and employment is the top priority for the coming years”
22/03/2012 Parliament and Council must bring “Horizon 2020” in line with SMEs’ needs
15/03/2012 Cohesion policy for 2014-2020 must keep a clear focus on SMEs
01/03/2012 Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs demand growth-focused measures
01/03/2012 Joint press statement: Commission should reconsider plans on occupational pensions
28/02/2012 Energy efficiency: EP report ok for SME users, less for SME producers
28/02/2012 Stable business confidence hides worrying developments, survey finds
20/02/2012 Economic crisis: rescue packages must include measures for growth, say SMEs
16/02/2012 White Paper on pensions: occupational pensions must remain attractive, say SMEs
31/01/2012 European Council: SMEs welcome focus on growth
26/01/2012 New capital requirements must not jeopardise financing for the real economy and for trade, key stakeholders tell MEPs
19/01/2012 Electronic waste: Parliament vote far from being ideal, warn SMEs
20/12/2011 Public procurement: SMEs welcome simplification, warn about transparency
19/12/2011 Professional qualifications: EC proposal is going too far on many aspects
13/12/2011 EP vote on accounting for micro companies a reasonable compromise, say SMEs
07/12/2011 SMEs welcome EC plan on access to finance, call for tax reforms to boost venture capital
30/11/2011 Research, Innovation and Competitiveness package: promising news for SMEs
29/11/2011 UEAPME General Assembly urges policymakers to invest in “Europe’s main asset”
29/11/2011 L’Assemblée Générale de l’UEAPME demande aux décideurs politiques d’investir dans “le principal atout de l’Europe”
29/11/2011 UEAPME-Vollversammlung fordert die Politiker auf „in Europas Trumpf“ zu investieren
29/11/2011 Assemblea Generale UEAPME: Le PMI, il patrimonio europeo per uscire dalla crisi
23/11/2011 SMEs broadly welcome new “Erasmus for all” programme
15/11/2011 European Social Partners launch negotiations on working time
09/11/2011 Commission’s strategy on internationalisation is spot on, say SMEs
26/10/2011 “Responsible business package”: good news on accounting, bad news on CSR, say SMEs
19/10/2011 European Digital Agenda: New EU-funded project aims to lower language barriers for SMEs
17/10/2011 Tripartite Social Summit: reforms are needed to avoid risk of recession, warn SMEs
11/10/2011 “Common European Sales Law” no panacea for trade in the single market, say SMEs
11/10/2011 Almgren appointed Board Spokesperson after Hermans’ resignation
11/10/2011 Business confidence suffers and recovery falters, survey finds
07/10/2011 Digital Agenda for SMEs: further legal clarity and awareness raising are needed
06/10/2011 Capital requirements: co-operative banks and SMEs call for appropriate transposition to avoid adverse effects on the financing of the real economy
06/10/2011 Cohesion policy: SMEs overall satisfied with Commission’s proposals
05/10/2011 SBA implementation slowing down and far from being complete, survey finds
04/10/2011 Electronic waste: SMEs disappointed by Parliament’s committee vote
20/07/2011 EC proposals on capital requirements take SMEs’ concerns on board
06/07/2011 Food labelling: final compromise leaves SMEs overall pleased
04/07/2011 Broad range of targeted financial instruments needed to support SMEs across Europe
30/06/2011 Commission’s post-2013 budget proposal ticks all the right boxes, say SMEs
23/06/2011 Consumer rights: compromise text fails to strike the right balance, warn SMEs
23/06/2011 Economic governance package will be toothless if sanctions are weakened, warn SMEs
22/06/2011 Energy efficiency: Member States must follow up on EC proposal, say SMEs
24/05/2011 Small Business Act: more efforts are needed at EU and national level, warn SMEs
11/05/2011 UEAPME calls for dedicated SME programme integrating R&D and innovation
09/05/2011 Consumer rights: safeguards for small companies must be kept, warn SMEs
13/04/2011 Single Market Act: good ideas but more ambition is needed, say SMEs
13/04/2011 SBA implementation requires adequate funding now, warn SMEs
28/03/2011 Transport white paper: SMEs welcome outline but warn about financial impact
24/03/2011 Tripartite Social Summit: time for unions to discuss wage developments, say SMEs
23/03/2011 Consumer rights: business organisations call for European Parliament plenary to preserve full harmonisation
17/03/2011 Half-time whistle blown for RFID-ROI-SME project
16/03/2011 Common tax base good in principle but EU plans are too complex, say SMEs
15/03/2011 Business confidence improves but worrying differences emerge, survey finds
23/02/2011 SBA review a step forward but implementation is top priority, say SMEs
16/02/2011 UEAPME joins pan-European campaign on safe maintenance
16/02/2011 SME finance: Commission urged to follow up on Parliament’s resolution
14/02/2011 Uncompetitive prices and wages are the root of recent imbalances, say SMEs
03/02/2011 E-waste: UEAPME praises Parliament’s limits to collection duties for micro companies
01/02/2011 Consumer rights: Parliament’s Committee vote a huge step back for SMEs
01/02/2011 Stakeholders urge EU institutions to support the “Third Industrial Revolution”
24/01/2011 Consumer rights: Council vote a step forward but worries remain, say SMEs
15/12/2010 Parliament’s report on energy efficiency leaves open questions for SMEs
07/12/2010 Consumer rights directive must not harm small entrepreneurs, SMEs warn Council
19/11/2010 Green economy: SMEs need the right partners and the right rules
16/11/2010 Macroeconomic Dialogue: imbalances must be tackled, say SMEs
09/11/2010 “EuroApprenticeship” project launched to support apprentices’ mobility
28/10/2010 Sozialgipfel der Europäischen Kommission: KMU wollen Privatinvestitionen ankurbeln
28/10/2010 Tripartite Summit: only reforms and private spending will trigger an upturn, say SMEs
28/10/2010 SMEs welcome EC communication on a new industrial policy
27/10/2010 “Single Market Act” lacks punch and coherence, say SMEs
25/10/2010 Business confidence grinds to a halt as doubts linger over recovery
20/10/2010 New rules against late payments: SMEs welcome Parliament’s vote
20/10/2010 SMEs deeply worried by Parliament’s vote on maternity leave
14/10/2010 Hungarian Presidency must kick-start Europe’s economic recovery, say SMEs
06/10/2010 “Innovation Union” commitments must be turned into reality, say SMEs
28/09/2010 Expiring measures on loan guarantees and risk capital must be kept, say SMEs
16/09/2010 Full involvement of SME organisations a must for sectoral social dialogue
15/09/2010 “Youth on the Move” flagship initiative does not totally convince, say SMEs
14/07/2010 Innovation must start from the market, not from R&D, SMEs tell Ministers
12/07/2010 SMEs welcome EU proposal to protect companies’ bank accounts
07/07/2010 Green Paper on Pensions a good starting point for debate, say SMEs
01/07/2010 EU patent: SMEs warmly welcome hallmark proposal on translation arrangements
25/06/2010 Regional funds and programmes are not reaching SMEs, warn UEAPME members
25/06/2010 UEAPME fordert leichteren Zugang von KMU zu Brüsseler Regionalfördergeldern
16/06/2010 Food labelling: Parliament gives to SMEs with one hand but takes with the other
16/06/2010 Transport working time: EP vote limits freedom of enterprise, say SMEs
04/06/2010 European employers: Commission’s EU 2020 strategy lacks sense of urgency
04/06/2010 Economic crisis: reforms are unavoidable but must be shared, say SMEs
31/05/2010 Broken promises and lack of support are holding back SMEs, survey finds
19/05/2010 EP’s vote on protection of self-employed respects needs of SMEs
06/05/2010 Access to finance: SMEs welcome new Commission’s initiative to foster dialogue
04/05/2010 SMEs poised to profit from RFID technology
28/04/2010 Transport working time: SMEs deeply concerned by Parliament Committee’s vote
20/04/2010 Capital requirements: no regulation before impact assessment, say SMEs
25/03/2010 Tripartite Social Summit: time to re-think flexicurity, say SMEs
25/03/2010 European Social Partners’ commitment on inclusive labour markets
23/03/2010 Business confidence is on the rise but an upswing is not near, SME survey finds
18/03/2010 SMEs welcome Parliament Committee’s vote on late payments
10/03/2010 Parliament’s ok to accounting exemptions a step back for the internal market
03/03/2010 EU 2020 strategy must now earn Member States’ full support, say SMEs
23/02/2010 SMEs deeply concerned by Parliament Committee’s vote on maternity leave
15/02/2010 Only private spending will bring Europe out of the crisis, warn SMEs
15/02/2010 KMU warnen: Nur privater Konsum kann Europa aus der Krise führen
11/02/2010 L’artisanat et les PME soutiennent les efforts des régions en faveur du Small Business Act
19/01/2010 Commissioners’ hearings: SMEs welcome Tajani’s performance
13/01/2010 EU 2020 strategy must not turn a blind eye to the public sector, warn SMEs
15/12/2009 Small Business Act: Commission’s report disappoints SMEs
04/12/2009 Capital regulations must be strengthened without harming SME finance
03/12/2009 New EU term must deliver on better regulation, demand SMEs
02/12/2009 Small Business Act: a not so happy birthday, say SMEs
09/11/2009 Recovery measures must be geared towards to the future, SMEs urge ECOFIN
03/11/2009 Energy performance of buildings: EU must reach realistic compromise, say SMEs
30/10/2009 SEPA users give guarded welcome to EU-wide direct debit
29/10/2009 Tripartite Social Summit: the crisis is not over, warn SMEs
26/10/2009 Spanish Presidency will put SMEs at the heart of Europe’s recovery
19/10/2009 Business confidence picks up slightly despite worrying reality, SME survey finds
18/09/2009 Financial regulation: EU must support the real economy, not the City of London
15/09/2009 Give Barroso a strong mandate, SMEs urge Parliament
02/09/2009 Innovation: concrete efforts are needed for Europe to catch up, say SMEs
15/07/2009 SEPA risks failure unless corrections are made, say end users
02/07/2009 EC Vice President Günter Verheugen to receive 2009 “Protypos” award
18/06/2009 European Social Partners’ revised agreement on parental leave: one extra month of parental leave
10/06/2009 Trade unions and SMEs cooperate on common economic and social concerns
03/06/2009 Commission’s proposals to tackle unemployment set the right priorities
03/06/2009 Swedish Presidency will be instrumental in restoring confidence, say SMEs
14/05/2009 Brussels Economic Forum: put the real economy first, say SMEs
07/05/2009 Employment will further decline unless urgent actions are taken, warn SMEs
06/05/2009 Survey shows wide gap between SME policy actions and concrete effects
28/04/2009 SMEs regret failure to reach agreement on working time
28/04/2009 EUROCHAMBRES and UEAPME call for more and better impact assessments
28/04/2009 Economic crisis: policymakers urged to “think and act small first”
08/04/2009 EC proposal to fight payment delays can be further improved, say SMEs
01/04/2009 EP vote on self employment and equal opportunities leaves SMEs with mixed feelings
31/03/2009 G20 summit must first and foremost restore confidence, say SMEs
19/03/2009 Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs urge EU to match commitments with action
12/03/2009 Small businesses’ confidence hits new record low, first EU SME survey reveals
10/03/2009 Council’s green light to reduced VAT rates ends years of legal uncertainty
26/02/2009 Exempting micro enterprises from filing accounts is not better regulation
25/02/2009 Recovery action must go beyond big businesses, SMEs urge Commission
10/02/2009 Economic crisis: SMEs warn against rising wave of protectionism
22/01/2009 Economic crisis must not be an excuse to stop reforms
21/01/2009 Access to finance: differences remain despite wide range of responses, say SMEs
18/12/2008 Parliament praised for including SMEs in revised deposit guarantee rules
17/12/2008 SMEs condemn Parliament’s plenary vote on working time
17/12/2008 State aid: Barroso gives Member States licence to burn money
15/12/2008 Stress at work: EU agreement makes a difference
12/12/2008 Summit’s green light to recovery plan and SBA action plan pleases SMEs
02/12/2008 SBA: Competitiveness Council conclusions must be endorsed by Heads of State
01/12/2008 Business organisations sceptical about revision of EUROVIGNETTE directive
26/11/2008 Economic recovery plan deserves Member States’ full cooperation, say SMEs
25/11/2008 Europe’s economic recovery will not happen without SMEs
06/11/2008 ECB interest rate cut the right decision at the right moment
05/11/2008 Committee vote on Working Time puts a dent on Parliament’s reputation
03/11/2008 European SMEs should not pay the price of current economic crisis
03/11/2008 Le PMI europee non devono pagare il prezzo dell’attuale crisi economica
03/11/2008 Les PME européennes ne doivent pas payer le prix de la crise économique
03/11/2008 Die Europäische KMU dürfen nicht den Preis für die derzeitige Finanzkrise zahlen
30/10/2008 SMEs can lead Europe out of the crisis, says re-elected UEAPME President
14/10/2008 Tripartite Social Summit: no more time for words, say SMEs
05/10/2008 Summit gives hope that consumers and SMEs will be sheltered from financial crisis
03/10/2008 EC “family package”: SMEs wary on maternity leave, pleased on self-employed workers
26/09/2008 Competitiveness Council conclusions do not live up to SMEs’ expectations
24/09/2008 Competitiveness Council: SMEs expect concrete results on access to finance
16/09/2008 Small Business Act: SMEs put forward ideas on an inter-institutional agreement
15/09/2008 SME finance: good news from the ECOFIN must not be offset by the EC
03/09/2008 Compromise on labelling of substances hits hard on small scale manufacturers
02/09/2008 Joint advice by the Social Partners on the European Works Councils “recast” directive
18/07/2008 Small Business Act: Member States must step up to the plate, say SMEs
16/07/2008 EC plans on sustainable consumption and production a worrying signal for SMEs
16/07/2008 French MEP Jacques Toubon receives 2008 “Protypos” award
07/07/2008 Joint letter from the European social partners on childcare
07/07/2008 Members States must make use of new General Block Exemption Regulation
07/07/2008 Commission proposal on reduced VAT rates must now be put into practice
03/07/2008 ECB’s interest hike must not be the first of a series
02/07/2008 Renewed social agenda: a forward-looking approach with some limits
25/06/2008 Small Business Act: “Think Small First” at last!
23/06/2008 Crafts and SMEs react positively to EC proposals for a Small Business Act
18/06/2008 European Social Partners work together on restructuring
17/06/2008 Waste Directive compromise less than ideal for European SMEs
14/06/2008 Irish referendum: crafts and SMEs urge Member States to avoid deadlock and suggest enhanced cooperation
13/06/2008 Crafts and SMEs hand out to-do list to upcoming French Presidency
10/06/2008 SMEs satisfied with Council agreement on working time and temporary work
09/06/2008 Energy package: Luxembourg deal a bow to monopolistic national champions
03/06/2008 Charter conference: small enterprises must not be treated as second-class
27/05/2008 Energy efficiency: State aid a crucial tool to achieve SMEs’ huge savings potential
20/05/2008 State aid: notice on guarantees must be integrated in “General Block Exemption”
28/04/2008 State aid: SMEs call on Member States to improve General Block Exemption
17/04/2008 Better regulation agenda must move from theory to practice
11/04/2008 European employers regret ETUC’s decision to reject negotiations on European works councils
09/04/2008 Waste Directive: no targets without impact assessment, say SMEs
07/04/2008 Taxation rules a key barrier to cross-border trade for SMEs
14/03/2008 Spring Summit: time for action on energy policy and Lisbon goals
13/03/2008 Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs call for labour markets overhaul
05/03/2008 ICT sector crucial for better, faster, more competitive SMEs
21/02/2008 Marketing of products: EP puts “new approach” on the right track
12/02/2008 EU economic slowdown: stability must prevail over interventionism
06/02/2008 Small Business Act: beware of the paper tiger, warn SMEs
01/02/2008 Crafts and SMEs denounce dangers of “employment dilemma”
28/01/2008 SEPA not yet mature enough to be used by SMEs
23/01/2008 Small Business Act last chance for EU to deliver before 2009 elections
23/01/2008 Climate change and energy package: mixed results for SMEs
22/01/2008 Lisbon guidelines: SMEs call for a more focused implementation
17/12/2007 Small Business Act a litmus test for EU’s commitment to SMEs
12/12/2007 Lisbon progress report a wake-up call for more action at national level
07/12/2007 European ICT small businesses will speak with one voice in Brussels
06/12/2007 Employment Council conclusions do not solve working time impasse
05/12/2007 Council’s political agreement on VAT package a boon for SMEs
04/12/2007 SME finance: cooperative banks and small businesses join forces
29/11/2007 Public procurement: EC study backs SME calls for better admin rules
26/11/2007 Competitiveness Council sends strong message on simplification
23/11/2007 European Private Company statute: devil is in the detail, say SMEs
20/11/2007 “Internal Market review” does not meet all SMEs’ expectations
19/11/2007 Report shows SMEs are active promoters of diversity and non-discrimination
19/11/2007 Gender equality on labour markets: Social Partners consolidate their efforts to close remaining gaps
16/11/2007 Agreement on EQF a major step forward for education and training
15/11/2007 Joint press release UEAPME-EFAA-FEE — Company law, accounting and auditing: Commission’s simplification approach might jeopardise the Single Market, say European SMEs and accountants
14/11/2007 Marketing of products: “new approach” must not price SMEs out of the market
09/11/2007 Large companies and national champions still reap most of State aid
08/11/2007 UEAPME elects Andrea Benassi as new Secretary General
05/11/2007 High-level event to gather SME representatives and EU policymakers
25/10/2007 SMEs are not willing to pay for energy giants’ extra profits any more
24/10/2007 European Commission takes sensible stance on migration issues
24/10/2007 Undeclared work is back on the agenda thanks to the EC
19/10/2007 SME organisations key for a successful Euro changeover in new Member States
19/10/2007 “Reform Treaty” must become the dawn of a new era
18/10/2007 Tripartite Social Summit: time to restore confidence, say SMEs
18/10/2007 UEAPME-Präsident TOIFL übergibt europäisches Sozialpartnerübereinkommen an EU-Kommissionspräsidenten Barroso
11/10/2007 State aid: SMEs voice their worries on “general block exemption”
10/10/2007 Urban policy: Portuguese Presidency must redress Leipzig Charter’s shortcomings
08/10/2007 ECAP: enhancements are needed to help SMEs become greener
08/10/2007 SME policy review shows it is time to move up a gear
02/10/2007 R&D and SMEs: “Eurostars” programme could aim even higher
26/09/2007 Green paper on urban transport provides more questions than answers
19/09/2007 EC plan for energy sector shake-up lacks clout on regulation
14/09/2007 European SME policy has not reached small entrepreneurs yet
06/09/2007 Decision to leave interest rates untouched a breath of fresh air for SMEs
06/09/2007 Parliament puts SMEs at the heart of Single Market
12/07/2007 Portuguese Presidency must unleash SMEs’ growth and jobs potential
12/07/2007 Die Portugiesische Präsidentschaft muss das Wachstumspotential der europäischen KMU freisetzen
12/07/2007 Parliament report stops short of promoting a functioning energy market
11/07/2007 Parliament vote on postal services liberalisation strikes a good balance
06/07/2007 Guimarães Council: SMEs urge Member States to deliver on reforms
05/07/2007 Commission takes sensible stance on reduced VAT rates
02/07/2007 Guidelines on environmental State aid must be brought closer to reality
29/06/2007 Council agreement on Waste Directive leaves unsolved issues on the table
27/06/2007 Flexicurity communication a good starting point for Member States’ action
25/06/2007 Agreement on “Reform Treaty” a step forward to strengthen Europe
20/06/2007 Plenary vote on supplementary pension rights a missed opportunity
13/06/2007 EC communication puts posting of workers on the right track
07/06/2007 State aid: SMEs insist on the need to polish “general block exemption”
25/05/2007 Leipzig Charter will fail unless SME dimension is considered
14/05/2007 Dialogue is crucial to improve SMEs’ access to finance
08/05/2007 Administrative rules a key obstacle to SME-friendlier public tenders
04/05/2007 Commission veteran Albrecht Mulfinger receives first “Protypos” award
03/05/2007 “Responsible Entrepreneurship”: SMEs’ awareness is key to a wider CSR uptake
26/04/2007 European Social Partners sign an agreement to fight against harassment and violence at work
25/04/2007 State aid: simplified “General Block Exemption” can be further enhanced
24/04/2007 Better cross-border payment services should not come at SMEs’ expenses
24/04/2007 EU energy policy must tame energy giants and unleash market potential
19/04/2007 European crafts conference conclusions must not remain a dead letter
17/04/2007 Stuttgart conference highlights importance of direct dialogue and common views
17/04/2007 TOIFL: Erfolgreiche europäische Konferenz des Handwerks und der KMUs in Stuttgart
12/04/2007 European craft and small enterprises take centre stage at Stuttgart conference
04/04/2007 Lack of progress on the creation of a Community Patent
28/03/2007 Transition measures are key to the success of new payments regime
27/03/2007 Medical Devices Directive: is patient safety a priority for the Parliament?
27/03/2007 Medizinprodukterichtilinie: Ist Patientensicherheit wirklich die Priorität des EU-Parlaments?
26/03/2007 Berlin declaration must give new momentum to the European Union
22/03/2007 50 years of European integration: celebrating past results, answering current concerns
21/03/2007 Disappointing outcomes from EP Committee vote on pensions rights transferability
15/03/2007 Modernising labour law is the basis for a workable “flexicurity” approach
13/03/2007 CSR: mixed results from Parliament plenary’s damage limitation attempt
09/03/2007 Spring Summit conclusions lack of substance on energy policy and structural reforms
08/03/2007 Tripartite Social Summit: European SMEs call for bold structural reforms
08/03/2007 Tripartiter Sozialgipfel: Europäische KMU verlangen echte Reformen
06/03/2007 Parliament report on CSR creates mistrust towards small businesses
22/02/2007 Facilitating SMEs’ access to public procurement: focus on best practices
21/02/2007 EC Health and Safety Strategy a step forward, with room for improvement
14/02/2007 Ein effizienter Energiebinnenmarkt ist Schlüssel zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von KMUs
14/02/2007 An efficient energy internal market is key to SMEs’ competitiveness
07/02/2007 Plenary vote on Waste Directive increases red tape for SMEs
29/01/2007 Gender equality on labour markets: Social Partners active to reduce the remaining gaps
18/01/2007 Creating “more and better jobs” requires flexibility and national labour market reforms
10/01/2007 EC roadmap on energy is an ambitious but much needed step forward
10/01/2007 Die EU Energie Strategie - ein einehrgeiziger, aber dringend notwendiger Schritt vorwärts
21/12/2006 From EU25 to EU27: opportunities and challenges ahead for SMEs
14/12/2006 Incoming German Presidency should unlock “VAT package” stalemate
13/12/2006 REACH: last-minute deal a step forward for simplification, a step back for SME formulators
12/12/2006 State aid: “de minimis” regulation finally answers SME concerns
12/12/2006 Enhancing Supply Chain Security: European business associations suggest reconsidering the proposal
05/12/2006 Innovation: competition is a pre-condition for “smart” procurement
04/12/2006 New UEAPME President Georg Toifl outlines priorities for his mandate
04/12/2006 Der neue UEAPME Prasident Georg Toifl skizziert die Prioritäten für seine Amtszeit
28/11/2006 Waste Directive: Committee vote leaves crucial issues unsolved
27/11/2006 Hike in interest rates may undermine EU economic recovery
22/11/2006 EC decision on State aid for R&D and innovation meets key SME demands
22/11/2006 Green paper on labour law sets the tone for debate at EU and national level
15/11/2006 Services Directive must now clear the implementation hurdle
09/11/2006 More policy efforts are needed on the European patent system
07/11/2006 Lack of agreement on Working Time Directive is a huge missed opportunity
31/10/2006 European innovation policy must take small businesses on board
25/10/2006 Small businesses’ access to public procurement must be improved at all levels
25/10/2006 L’accès des PME aux marchés publics doit être amélioré à tous niveaux
24/10/2006 Services Directive: second reading Committee vote delivers a balanced text
20/10/2006 Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs call for a sensible approach to “flexicurity”
19/10/2006 State aid: revised “de minimis” block exemption needs some fine-tuning
17/10/2006 European standardisation: “think small first” is the real key for success
11/10/2006 European Social Partners present the results of the implementation of the European Telework Agreement
10/10/2006 REACH: EP Environment Committee vote delivers mixed results for SMEs
05/10/2006 Second reading vote should secure a fair REACH for SMEs
04/10/2006 EC communication on “Global Europe” sadly lacks SME focus
29/09/2006 Patent litigation agreement is not a substitute to a comprehensive patent policy
20/09/2006 Revised rules on “de minimis” State aid made more SME-friendly
13/09/2006 Innovation: “smart” procurement and “lead markets” are steps in the right direction
19/07/2006 New rules on State Aid for risk capital will improve innovation outlook for SMEs
17/07/2006 Enterprise Experience: improving mutual understanding between EU and SMEs
12/07/2006 Community Patent should be back at the top of the EU agenda
05/07/2006 SMEs in FP7: Parliament moves from rhetoric to actions
30/06/2006 Effective communication will ease Euro transition in new Member States
29/06/2006 Crafts and small businesses from new Member States face integration challenge
21/06/2006 State aid rules will endanger support services for innovative SMEs
16/06/2006 Simplified food labelling rules would serve consumers and producers alike
14/06/2006 Small Business Charter needs a fresh start
12/06/2006 SMEs must stay at the heart of Commission actions
09/06/2006 SME users and providers of ICT tools show the way ahead
08/06/2006 Increased interest rates create uncertainty on investment conditions
07/06/2006 “De minimis” rule for state aid: 200.000 EUR threshold is sufficient
24/05/2006 Proposed state aid regulations are counter-productive for innovative SMEs
19/05/2006 Education Council: European Social Partners work together on lifelong learning in Europe to resolve labour market problems
17/05/2006 SME involvement is a cornerstone for an effective European standards-making process
17/05/2006 New rules on health claims: good for consumers, good for SMEs?
04/05/2006 Plant protection products rules should foster fair conditions for SME producers
03/05/2006 SMEs need a tailored and pro-active European patent policy
12/04/2006 SMEs discuss the “perfect mix” of flexibility and security
11/04/2006 SME Summit: European Social Model is no barrier to competitiveness
05/04/2006 Annual SME summit to focus on the European Social Model
04/04/2006 UEAPME sends urgent warning to budget negotiators: do not undermine SME finance
04/04/2006 Business and environment federations jointly call upon Commission to maintain substantial fund for eco-innovation
04/04/2006 Revised Services Directive is now closer to the reality of Europe’s SMEs
30/03/2006 Proposed de minimis regulation undermines SME credit guarantee schemes
28/03/2006 Health Claims: much remains to be done after Parliament’s Committee vote
28/03/2006 Gesundheitsbezogene Angaben auf Lebensmitteln: Es bleibt noch viel zu tun nach der Abstimmung im Umweltausschuss
24/03/2006 Spring Council conclusions: will they really make a difference for SMEs?
23/03/2006 European Social Partners present their work programme for the Social Dialogue 2006-2008
22/03/2006 Parliament has to be driving force behind EU SME policy
20/03/2006 Spring Summit will be the real litmus test for an effective EU SME policy
16/02/2006 European Parliament praised for sense of compromise in voting for a workable Services Directive
01/02/2006 EU Competitiveness Programme has increased emphasis on small firms
01/02/2006 Agreement on reduced VAT rates scheme ends damaging uncertainty
25/01/2006 European Social Partners finalise negotiations on a work programme 2006-8
25/01/2006 VAT deal falls foul of narrow-minded Member States
19/01/2006 Flexicurity must be a cornerstone for economic development
18/01/2006 VAT: Overdue decision on reduced rates cannot be postponed again
12/01/2006 Big talk on SME Policy must be matched by actions and budget
10/01/2006 Home State Taxation scheme would remove painful compliance costs
13/12/2005 Chemical rules made less damaging for small businesses
13/12/2005 M&S loophole strengthens the case for common corporate tax base
07/12/2005 Kompromiss zum EU-Budget dringend erforderlich, sagt UEAPME Präsident Reckinger
07/12/2005 Un compromis pour " le budget européen " est urgent, déclare Reckinger, Président UEAPME
06/12/2005 EcoFin procrastination on VAT will dent consumer confidence
01/12/2005 ECB’s regrettable rate rise must not become a trend
29/11/2005 Protecting services of general interest cannot compromise efficiency
29/11/2005 ECB stubbornness on rate rise would defy reason and economic reality
29/11/2005 Council decision on FP7 will help improve SMEs’ R&D participation
23/11/2005 MEPs take important steps towards a workable Services Directive
22/11/2005 Despite setbacks, Barroso Commission continues to weather storms
18/11/2005 Strengthening employers’ organisations key for an effective European Social Dialogue
17/11/2005 Focus shifting to Austrian Presidency to deliver EU growth
17/11/2005 REACH compromise compounds costs for small firms unnecessarily
17/11/2005 State aid must promote innovative businesses, not industrial dinosaurs
14/11/2005 MEPs compromises must not jeopardise workable REACH
10/11/2005 New SME policy programme must be more than just rhetoric
08/11/2005 Temptation to tinker with interest rates must be resisted
25/10/2005 Commission has grasped the nettle of complicated laws
20/10/2005 Globalisation Summit: Citizens must be shown light at the end of the tunnel for reforms to be embraced
20/10/2005 Sustainability an opportunity for tourism sector
06/10/2005 Mixed feelings on the REACH vote in the EP Environment Committee
05/10/2005 Harmonising company tax will reduce crippling cross-border compliance costs
03/10/2005 Services Directive: UEAPME calls on MEPs to support Gebhardt compromise
29/09/2005 European Social Partners call on Europe’s political leaders to take action
28/09/2005 Risk capital rules made more user-friendly for small businesses
22/09/2005 Commission’s legislative clean-up list no panacea
21/09/2005 Proposals on innovation state aid an important step towards dynamism
20/09/2005 Commission urged to ’follow through’ on proposals for SME policy
15/09/2005 Chemicals law moving in the right direction
15/09/2005 Commission President praised for scrapping silly sunlight rules
13/09/2005 Decision on training and education mobility programme welcomed
08/09/2005 REACH: European SME organisations send united message to MEPs ahead of important committee votes on REACH
07/09/2005 MEPs see the light and amend EU sunlight rules
01/09/2005 EU-Vorschlag zur Belastung durch Sonnenstrahlen muss von den MdEPs verhindert werden
01/09/2005 Les propositions de l’ EU relatives à l’exposition au soleil doivent être bloquées par les parlementaires européens
01/09/2005 EU proposals on exposure to sunlight must be blocked by MEPs
19/07/2005 Legislative simplification must address excessive burden on SMEs
13/07/2005 Decision on Capital Requirements Directive an important step forward
12/07/2005 Solar radiation proposal brought back to reality by Parliament
06/07/2005 Rejection of software patent directive a good result for European SMEs
05/07/2005 SPORT results confirm SMEs hardest hit under REACH proposals
30/06/2005 Majority of small firms could be left behind in competitiveness drive
23/06/2005 Restructuring processes must take account of small firms
21/06/2005 Parliament proposal on software patents would hit small firms
16/06/2005 Mixed results on progress under Small Enterprise Charter
14/06/2005 Heads of State must act together to restore faith in the EU
13/06/2005 Parliament must alter unrealistic proposal on sun radiation
08/06/2005 Failure to agree reduced VAT scheme puts jobs at risk
03/06/2005 Minimum budget for SMEs in FP7 must be maintained
30/05/2005 Cooperation agreement between SMEs in the EU and Congo signed
24/05/2005 Slashing budget for competitiveness would be a major step backwards
24/05/2005 Vocational training must have parity with general education
20/05/2005 Agreement on extending reduced VAT scheme a matter of urgency
11/05/2005 Parliament’s changes to working time rules threaten business and jobs
27/04/2005 SMEs oppose cynical attempt to mislead MEPs on software patent
27/04/2005 REACH impact assessment confirms threat to small businesses
26/04/2005 Basel II Directive made more positive for SMEs by Parliament report
26/04/2005 Small businesses weigh in to support European Constitution
20/04/2005 Parliament decision on Working Time Directive must be reversed
19/04/2005 Competitiveness Commissioner told not to forget traditional businesses
19/04/2005 Warnung an Verheugen: traditionelle Unternehmen nicht vergessen
12/04/2005 Energy-using products Directive made more workable for SMEs
12/04/2005 Larger member states guilty of holding back labour market reforms
08/04/2005 En cas de crise, les Petites Entreprises ne doivent pas être oubliées
08/04/2005 Kleine Betriebe dürfen im Fall einer Krise nicht vergessen werden
07/04/2005 FP7 budget must not scrap minimum allocation for SMEs
04/04/2005 FP7 must focus on smaller SME programmes for R&D targets to be met
22/03/2005 European Social Partners present actions to support growth and employment
15/03/2005 Member States must deliver reforms for jobs and growth
15/03/2005 Joint Declaration by the Social Partners on the mid-term review of the Lisbon Strategy
09/03/2005 Rhetoric on Lisbon must be matched by action on SME priorities
08/03/2005 EMAS positive for SMEs but must be simplified for micro-businesses
07/03/2005 Council decision a blow to new proposal on patents for computer-implemented inventions
07/03/2005 Finance Ministers told to prioritise SME needs in Lisbon Review
01/03/2005 Home state taxation experiment crucial to reducing costs for SMEs
16/02/2005 Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation must be more SME focused
15/02/2005 Proposed revision will dilute Small Enterprises Charter
09/02/2005 Focus on economic growth must be supported by Social Agenda and Sustainable Development Strategy
08/02/2005 New proposal needed on patents for computer-implemented inventions
03/02/2005 Barroso Commision brings Lisbon back to realism
18/01/2005 Increased bureaucracy in EU funded research projects driving SMEs away
17/01/2005 REACH: burden still too heavy for downstream users and SMEs, UEAPME tells MEPs
17/12/2004 Food safety: UEAPME welcomes SME-friendly initiatives regarding traceability requirements and hygiene requirements
08/12/2004 Reduced VAT rates for labor-intensive sectors: 5 Member States blocking solution to help SMEs fight shadow economy
01/12/2004 Les PME demandent à la Présidence Luxembourgeoise de donner une dernière chance à la Stratégie de Lisbonne
01/12/2004 Give Lisbon one last chance, SMEs tell Luxembourg Presidency
04/11/2004 Wim Kok’s recommendations are "too weak, too broad" to help Europe out of economic lethargy
04/11/2004 Directive sur les services dans le marché intérieur : les PME s’interrogent sur la faisabilité du principe du pays d’origine
04/11/2004 Directive on services in the Internal Market: SMEs question feasibility of country of origin principle
28/10/2004 Unlocking the doors to SME finance: UEAPME presents recommendations to decision-makers
27/10/2004 UEAPME: Les PME et les entreprises artisanales ont besoin d’une nouvelle approche en ce qui concerne la politique d’innovation
27/10/2004 UEAPME: crafts and SMEs need new approach to innovation policy
12/10/2004 UEAPME asks Commission to further efforts to include service sector in Ecolabel scheme
08/10/2004 ETUC, UNICE/UEAPME and CEEP sign agreement on work related-stress
06/10/2004 Revised Capital Adequacy Directive: still room for improvement, UEAPME argues
28/09/2004 Les PME attendent des nouveaux Commissaires des politiques plus cohérentes
28/09/2004 SMEs expect coherent policies from new Commissioners
21/09/2004 Les PME jugent non-satisfaisante la révision de la directive sur le temps de travail de la Commission
21/09/2004 SMEs give non-satisfactory verdict to Commission’s revision of Working Time Directive
20/09/2004 Rural development fund: UEAPME praises historic win for rural micro-entreprises
15/09/2004 Decision to liberalize car-parts market is a boost for SMEs, says UEAPME
14/09/2004 Imposition des sociétés: les PME font bon accueil à la décision de mettre sur pied un groupe de travail mais demandent l’implication des representants PME
14/09/2004 Company taxation: SMEs welcome decision to set up work group, demand involvement of SME representatives
10/09/2004 European Tax Survey shows usefulness of Home State Taxation for SMEs
08/09/2004 Liberalisation of automotive parts and car repair market is an opportunity for SMEs
03/09/2004 Le plan de la Commission pour réformer le pacte de Stabilité et Croissance améliorera la gouvernance économique, déclare l’ UEAPME
03/09/2004 Commission’s plans to reform SGP will improve economic governance, says UEAPME
13/08/2004 UEAPME welcomes new Commission’s line-up
23/07/2004 L’ UEAPME demande aux Etats Membres de soutenir les idées de la Commission sur une taxe de base consolidée et l’imposition selon les règles de l’état d’origine
23/07/2004 UEAPME urges Member States to support Commission’s ideas on consolidated tax base and Home State taxation
06/07/2004 BASEL II: Commission’s directive will determine long-term effects of new agreement on Banks and SMEs
29/06/2004 Charte pour les Petites Entreprises: son statut juridique fragile est une barrière à une mise en oeuvre meilleure et plus rapide
29/06/2004 Charter for Small Enterprises: frail legal status is barrier to faster and better implementation
21/06/2004 L’UEAPME soutient l’accord sur la Constitution mais regrette que la règle de l’unanimité soit maintenue pour la fiscalité
21/06/2004 UEAPME welcomes deal on EU constitution but regrets failure to oust unanimity rule for tax issues
11/06/2004 "Support Commission’s Home State Taxation system", SMEs tell Finance Ministers
07/06/2004 Political agreement on unfair commercial practices ignored SMEs needs, says UEAPME
28/05/2004 Politique PME: L’UEAPME envoie une liste de revendications aux candidats pour le PE
28/05/2004 SME Policy: UEAPME sends to do list to candidate MEPs
13/05/2004 UEAPME welcomes White Paper on Services of General Interest
11/05/2004 UEAPME welcomes 3rd Cohesion report
10/05/2004 GOPE: les problèmes du Pacte de Stabilité doivent etre abordés, l’ UEAPME dit à la Commission
10/05/2004 BEPG: Stability Pact problems must be addressed, UEAPME tells Commission
28/04/2004 Le Parlement Européen sortant a un bilan mitigé en ce qui concerne la politique PME, déclare l’ UEAPME
28/04/2004 Outgoing European Parliament had mixed track record on SME policy, says UEAPME
23/04/2004 Le cadre réglementaire sera déterminant pour le succès à long terme des entreprises artisanales et des PME dans un Marché Intérieur élargi
23/04/2004 Regulatory framework will determine long-term success of Crafts and SMEs in an enlarged Internal Market
23/04/2004 Rahmenrichtlinie ist Bedingung für einen anhaltenden Erfolg von Handwerk und KMU in einem erweiterten EU-Binnenmarkt
15/04/2004 Erweiterung: Können Handwerk und KMUs der derzeitigen Mitgliedstaaten der Herausforderung begegnen?
15/04/2004 Elargissement: les PME et l’artisanat des Etats Membres actuels pourront-ils faire face au défi?
15/04/2004 Enlargement: can Crafts and SMEs in current Member States face the challenge?
06/04/2004 Competitiveness and Innovation Programme must live up to its name
29/03/2004 Energy Using Products: UEAPME calls for workable and pragmatic eco-design framework for SMEs
25/03/2004 Tripartite Social Summit for growth and employment discusses European Partnership for change
23/03/2004 LISBON STRATEGY: "Commit and deliver" Business Leaders tell Heads of State ahead of the Spring Summit
18/03/2004 UEAPME met en garde les Etats Membres contre la tentation de céder à la facilité et d’utiliser la reprise économique actuelle comme prétexte pour repousser la mise en oeuvre des réformes de l’Agenda de Lisbonne
18/03/2004 Member States should not use current economic upturn as a pretext to ease up on implementation of Lisbon reforms, UEAPME warns
12/03/2004 Broader view on innovation needed for SMEs
05/03/2004 Active Ageing: UEAPME welcomes Commission’s communication and presses Member States for action
02/03/2004 Les PME européennes accueillent favorablement le Plan d’Action pour l’Entreprenariat de la Commission mais demandent une mise en œuvre plus rapide
02/03/2004 European SMEs welcome Commission’s Action Plan for Entrepreneurship but ask for faster implementation
26/02/2004 Stronger, more coherent EU competitiveness policy will help Europe meet the Lisbon challenge, says UEAPME
25/02/2004 UEAPME warns Education Council and Commission that Lisbon goals for Education and Training cannot be achieved without specific support measures for SMEs
18/02/2004 UEAPME proposes ways to increase SME participation in Eco- Management and Audit Scheme systems
16/02/2004 Politique Régionale : l’UEAPME demande que l’on mette l’accent sur les PME dans les régions rurales peu développées
16/02/2004 Regional Policy: focus must be given to SMEs in less developed rural areas says UEAPME
12/02/2004 Formation professionnelle : l’UEAPME demande la création d’un Erasmus pour les apprentis en Europe
12/02/2004 Vocational Training: UEAPME asks for creation of ERASMUS programme for apprentices
30/01/2004 UEAPME calls for discussion on the need for a European Regulator in current debate over Services of General Interest
14/01/2004 UEAPME denounces Commission’s Proposal on Health Claims on Food as excessive and unfeasible for SMEs
14/01/2004 L’ UEAPME juge la proposition de la Commission sur les allégations nutritionnelles et de santé portant sur les denrées alimentaires excessive et irréalisable pour les PME
14/01/2004 Make work pay: UEAPME calls for reforms in social protection systems
13/01/2004 UEAPME warns Commission against recourse to justice in Stability Pact row
13/01/2004 UEAPME warns Commission against recourse to justice in Stability Pact row
05/01/2004 UEAPME welcomes Irish Presidency approach to making Europe more competitive
18/12/2003 UEAPME welcomes European Commission’s support for Home State Taxation schemes and reduced VAT rates experiment
18/12/2003 L’ UEAPME fait bon accueil au soutien de la Commission Européenne aux systèmes d’imposition selon le domicile et à l’expérience de réduction des taux de TVA
17/12/2003 Code of conduct between banks and SMEs: UEAPME deplores failure of negotiations and looks for alternatives
11/12/2003 Environmental Liability: MEPs should follow amendments of the legal affairs committee at upcoming plenary vote
10/12/2003 Sommet Social Européen: L’ UEAPME fait bon accueil au rapport Kok sur l’ emploi mais avertit: « il faut entreprendre des réformes immédiatement »
10/12/2003 European Social Summit: UEAPME welcomes Kok report on employment but warns, "actions must be taken immediately"
05/12/2003 Les PME européennes demandent une amélioration du Pacte de Stabilité et de Croissance lors du prochain Sommet UE
05/12/2003 European SMEs push for an improved Stability and Growth Pact at next EU Summit
26/11/2003 SMEs exasperated by Commissioner Bolkenstein’s refusal to propose extension to reduced VAT rate experiment
20/11/2003 Mutations Industrielles : l’UEAPME demande davantage de mesures de soutien de la part des autorités publiques en faveur des PME
20/11/2003 Industrial Restructuring: UEAPME demands more support measures for SMEs from public authorities
14/11/2003 Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises : Les PME européennes déconseillent vivement aux autorités publiques d’ajouter des règlements contraignant
14/11/2003 Corporate Social Responsibility: European SMEs warn public authorities against additional binding regulations
30/10/2003 L’ UEAPME conseille vivement à l’ ECOFIN de prolonger l’expérience de la réduction du taux de TVA jusqu’ à ce qu’un accord sur la proposition de la Commission soit trouvé
30/10/2003 UEAPME urges ECOFIN to prolong reduced VAT experiment until agreement on Commission’s proposal is reached
21/10/2003 UEAPME welcomes Irish presidency SME policy agenda
20/10/2003 European SMEs need a branch-focused impact assessment of REACH
16/10/2003 UEAPME says Commission’s SME Envoy has added value to business policy-making
08/10/2003 Initiative pour la croissance: L’ UEAPME demande aux chefs d’ Etat d’inclure des garanties de crédit pour les PME
08/10/2003 Growth initiative: UEAPME calls on Heads of State to include credit guarantees for SMEs
03/10/2003 Le projet de l’ UEAPME montre que le respect des particularités des PME dans les négociations collectives mène à des entreprises plus performantes
03/10/2003 UEAPME project shows that respect of SMEs specificities in collective bargaining leads to better performing businesses
30/09/2003 Charte des Petites Entreprises: L ‘UEAPME déclare que la mise en oeuvre de la Charte est encore insuffisante dans les Etats Membres et dans les Pays Candidats
30/09/2003 Small Business Charter: UEAPME says implementation of Charter still deficient in Member States and Accession Countries
29/09/2003 L’ UEAPME organise une conférence sur le futur du Dialogue Social dans les PME européennes
29/09/2003 UEAPME holds conference on the future of Social Dialogue for European SMEs
24/09/2003 CIG: Les PME Européennes recommandent vivement aux Etats Membres d’élaborer des fondements pour une UE efficace et soucieuse des entreprises
24/09/2003 IGC: European SMEs urge Member States to lay down basis for effective and business friendly EU
17/09/2003 UEAPME: l’absence de progrès concernant la proposition de réduction du taux de TVA met l’économie de l’ UE en danger
17/09/2003 UEAPME: lack of progress regarding reduced VAT proposal putting EU economy in danger
31/07/2003 Basel II: UEAPME welcomes agreement and asks for adequate transposition into EU law
30/07/2003 L’ esprit d’ entreprise: L’ UE devrait se concentrer sur la création d’une culture et d’un environnement favorables à l’ entrepreneur
30/07/2003 Entrepreneurship: EU should focus on setting up a pro-entrepreneur culture and environment
14/07/2003 UEAPME: La Task Force Emploi de Kok doit reconnaître les besoins de PME dans son rapport
14/07/2003 UEAPME: Kok Employment Task Force has to recognize the needs of SMEs in its report
11/07/2003 "REACH": UEAPME demands fair sharing of data and cost of testing
10/07/2003 Bâle II: Les PME font bon accueil au progrès réalisé lors de la 3ème consultation mais déclarent qu’une amélioration est encore nécessaire
10/07/2003 Basel II: SMEs welcomes progress made in 3rd Consultation but says improvement still needed
10/07/2003 Conseil social informel : l’UEAPME souligne le besoin d’une approche globale qui permette de lutter activement contre le travail non déclaré
10/07/2003 Informal Council of Social affairs: SMEs stress need for comprehensive approach to actively fight undeclared work
07/07/2003 UEAPME wants regular third party audits for manufacturers of custom-made medical devices
03/07/2003 L’ UEAPME déclare que la Commission a ignoré dans son rapport les résultats positifs de l’expérience sur les taux réduits de TVA
03/07/2003 UEAPME says Commission ignored positive results of reduced VAT rate experiment in its report
24/06/2003 M. Karas, membre du Parlement Européen et l’ UEAPME en appellent conjointement à la prochaine Conférence Intergouvernementale pour l’extension du vote à la majorité qualifiée
24/06/2003 MEP Karas and UEAPME make joint call on upcoming Inter Governmental Conference for extension of QMV
19/06/2003 Small Businessess and foodstuffs: MEPs join UEAPME’s call against compulsory documentation in artisanal food production process
19/06/2003 Kleinbetriebe und Lebensmittel: Europa-Parlamentarier unterstützen die Forderung der UEAPME, auf eine vollständige Dokumentation im handwerklichen Lebensmittelbetrieb zu verzichten
18/06/2003 Integrated Product Policy: UEAPME welcomes approach of the new Communication but calls for preliminary SME focused measures
12/06/2003 European SMEs call on the Environment Council to adopt a realistic environmental liability regime
11/06/2003 Sommet UE: les PME européennes attendent une proposition politique afin de surmonter les problèmes économiques à court terme
11/06/2003 EU Summit: European SMEs expect policy proposal to overcome short-term economic problems
04/06/2003 Lebensmittelgesetzgebung: UEAPME begrüßt die Beachtung von kleinen und kleinsten Lebensmittelherstellern durch Kommissar Byrne
03/06/2003 Foodstuff legislation: UEAPME welcomes Commissioner Byrne consideration for small and micro food producers
27/05/2003 Convention Européenne: L’ UEAPME réprouve la décision du Présidium qui propose le vote à l’unanimité pour les questions fiscales
27/05/2003 European Convention: UEAPME condemns Praesidium’s decision to propose unanimity voting for tax issues
20/05/2003 Lignes directrices pour l’emploi: l’UEAPME déplore qu’elles n’encouragent pas suffisamment l’esprit d’entreprise et la création d’emplois
20/05/2003 Employment Guidelines: UEAPME deplores insufficient encouragement for entrepreneurship and job creation
15/05/2003 Environmental liability: SMEs hampered by outcome of EP plenary vote
12/05/2003 Syndicats et employeurs doivent collaborer pour mettre fin à l’impasse économique actuelle
12/05/2003 Trade Unions and employers must work together to end economic blockage
08/05/2003 UEAPME: La nouvelle définition de PME adoptée par la Commission est plus en phase avec leur réalité en Europe
08/05/2003 Commission’s new definition of SMEs more in line with their reality in Europe
28/04/2003 L’ UEAPME débute un projet visant l’amélioration de la connaissance de l’acquis communautaire dans les PME des PECO
28/04/2003 UEAPME starts project to improve knowledge of Community Acquis in accession countries SMEs
28/04/2003 Responsabilité environementale : Les Membres du Parlement Européen doivent adopter une approche pragmatique
28/04/2003 Environmental Liability: MEPs have to adopt pragmatic approach
08/04/2003 Orientation de la politique économique: L’ UEAPME critique le manque de mesure face aux défis de la crise en Iraq
08/04/2003 Broad Economic Guidelines: UEAPME criticizes lack of measures to face Iraq crisis challenges
04/04/2003 Une première pour l’UEAPME et la CES dans un projet conjoint pour aider les PME à mettre en oeuvre l’acquis social communautaire par le biais du dialogue social dans les PECO
04/04/2003 UEAPME and ETUC working together for the first time to help implement the social acquis in SMEs through social dialogue in the CEECs
03/04/2003 La tendance actuelle de la Convention Européenne met en danger les Objectifs de Lisbonne
03/04/2003 Current trend of European Convention endangers Lisbon Targets
20/03/2003 European Social Partners meet Presidents of Council and Commission on the eve of the European Council
14/03/2003 Lisbon Targets will not be achieved unless Member States take urgent actions
10/03/2003 Les PME européennes avancent des solutions pour les incohérences du système fiscal au sein de l’Union Européenne
10/03/2003 European SMEs put forward solutions for incoherencies in EU’s tax system
08/03/2003 Convention Européenne: Les PME européennes souhaitent un recours plus fréquent au vote à la majorité qualifiée
08/03/2003 European Convention: European SMEs want extension of Qualified Majority Voting
27/02/2003 UEAPME will represent liberal professions in European Social Dialogue
27/02/2003 L’ UEAPME représentera les professions libérales au sein du Dialogue Social Européen
26/02/2003 European Business Associations and Insurance sector concerned about future Directive on Environmental Liability
21/02/2003 Systèmes d’indice de solvabilité: Les PME exigent plus de transparence de la part des banques
21/02/2003 Credit rating systems: SMEs demand more transparency from banks
14/02/2003 Conférence ministérielle des PME à Thessalonique: L’ UEAPME dit aux Ministres qu’il est temps de passer à l’action
14/02/2003 Thessaloniki SME Ministerial Conference: UEAPME tells Ministers it is time for action
10/02/2003 Amtliche Lebensmittelkontrollen: Die Europäische Kommission berücksichtigt die Interessen und Möglichkeiten von Kleinbetrieben bei ihrem neuen Vorschlag
10/02/2003 Food and feed controls: Commission includes SMEs concerns in new proposal
08/02/2003 Premier dialogue structuré sur la formation professionnelle et l’apprentissage L’ UEAPME souligne la nécessité de validation et d’apprentissage informel
08/02/2003 First structured dialogue on vocational education and training: UEAPME stresses need for validation of informal learning
07/02/2003 La Convention Européenne doit permettre des réformes fiscales
07/02/2003 European Convention has to enable tax reforms
23/01/2003 UEAPME fears that outcome of the vote on Environmental Liability will have catastrophic consequences for SMEs
23/01/2003 UEAPME welcomes adopted approach for the implementation of Basel II
21/01/2003 L’UEAPME se réjouit du débat sur la politique industrielle et propose un changement d’approche pour les réglementations à ce sujet
21/01/2003 UEAPME welcomes Industrial Policy debate, proposes change in Industrial regulations approach
04/12/2002 UEAPME urges Italian Government to implement Charter for Small Business and take SME friendly actions during its presidency in 2003
04/12/2002 L’ UEAPME recommande vivement au gouvernement italien de mettre en oeuvre la Charte pour les petites entreprises et d’adopter des actions favorables aux PME lors de sa présidence en 2003
03/12/2002 10 years Eco-Label: UEAPME satisfied with system says improvements still needed
02/12/2002 Macro Economic Dialogue: UEAPME blames Europe’s decision makers for current economic lacklustre
02/12/2002 Dialogue Macro-économique: l’UEAPME tient les décideurs Européens pour responsables de la morosité économique actuelle
28/11/2002 European Social Partners present their work Programme for the Social Dialogue 2003-2005
20/11/2002 SESAME opening the door for Small Business
19/11/2002 UEAPME: current economic crisis is mainly due to policy deficits and not to external factors
19/11/2002 L’UEAPME : la crise économique actuelle est surtout due aux deficits politiques et non aux facteurs externes
19/11/2002 Social Dialogue Summit: UEAPME also underlines improvements to be made on Convention and Enlargement
14/11/2002 UEAPME’s new President: Paul Reckinger, a true European entrepreneur
14/11/2002 Paul Reckinger nouveau Président de l’UEAPME
14/11/2002 Müller reappointed as UEAPME’s Secretary General
14/11/2002 Müller reconduit comme Secrétaire Général de l’UEAPME
13/11/2002 L’UEAPME élit un nouveau Président
13/11/2002 UEAPME to elect new president
13/11/2002 L’UEAPME elegge un nuovo presidente
12/11/2002 UEAPME launches its pressroom
06/11/2002 UEAPME: Economic governance and SMEs must also become Convention’s focus
06/11/2002 UEAPME : La Convention doit accorder plus d’importance à la Gouvernance économique et aux PME
31/10/2002 Les PME veulent l’élargissement du mandat du Dialogue Social et demandent plus de marge de manœuvre à la Commission
31/10/2002 SMEs want to widen the scope of Social Dialogue and demand more room to manoeuvre
24/10/2002 Standardisation process: Commission committed to SMEs interests
23/10/2002 UEAPME launches website for the prevention of accidents in SMEs
23/10/2002 L’UEAPME lance le site préventisme pour la prévention des accidents dans les PME
18/10/2002 Industrial Policy: SMEs are the majority not the exception
16/10/2002 Corporate Social Responsibility must remain voluntary - UEAPME fears that CSR will lead to additional obstacles for SMEs
14/10/2002 UEAPME says agreement on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment “just another burden for SMEs”
09/10/2002 UEAPME supports positive report on enlargement but asks Commission to closely monitor new entrants
07/10/2002 Europe’s SMEs recognise the necessity of the prolongation for budget consolidation, but warn the ECOFIN of weakening efforts for structural adjustments
01/10/2002 Press release on Environmental Liability
11/09/2002 UEAPME delegation have high expectations on the Danish Presidency, was declared in meeting minister Bendt Bendtsen
16/07/2002 ETUC, UNICE/UEAPME and CEEP sign agreement on telework
03/07/2002 Press release on the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)
24/05/2002 First full participation of UEAPME in an agreement resulting from European negotiations
24/05/2002 Première pleine participation de l’UEAPME à des négociations européennes qui aboutissent à un accord
24/05/2002 Small business champion retires
16/05/2002 UNICE and UEAPME call on European Parliament to improve the proposal on environmental liability
13/05/2002 Press release on Environmental Liability
05/04/2002 Vote in Plenary – Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
19/03/2002 UEAPMEs evaluation of the Barcelona Spring Summit
14/03/2002 UNICE/UEAPME, CEEP and ETUC adopt a framework of actions for the lifelong development of competencies and qualifications
14/03/2002 L’UNICE/UEAPME, le CEEP et la CES adoptent un cadre d’actions pour le développement des compétences et des qualifications
21/02/2002 Joint press release: Make Barcelona a success
06/12/2001 Meeting the challenges of the economic downturn and of terrorism
15/10/2001 SMEs in the candidate countries need coherent policy framework - UEAPME conference in Warsaw
10/10/2001 European Business Organisations Call For SME-friendly Basel II
07/09/2001 Improving the relationship between banks and SMEs
05/07/2001 Official signature by UEAPME and the ETUC of their first joint declaration on the development of social dialogue in small and medium enterprises, in the presence of Commissioner Mrs Anna Diamantopoulou
05/07/2001 L’UEAPME et la CES signent officiellement en présence de la Commissaire Mme Anna Diamantopoulou leur première déclaration conjointe sur le développement du dialogue social et les petites entreprises
31/05/2001 VAT on E-commerce: Council delay endangers Europe’s E-business
21/05/2001 European Social Dialogue in a deadlock?
21/05/2001 Disappointment of UEAPME concerning the breakdown of the negotiations on interim work
21/05/2001 Déception de l’UEAPME concernant la rupture des négociations sur le travail intérimaire
14/05/2001 Can Social Dialogue help to overcome challenges faced by SMEs?
07/05/2001 Macroeconomic Dialogue: UEAPME requests measures against the Shadow Economy
20/03/2001 Private sector organises itself for the adoption of IAS by 2005 in Europe: EFRAG
14/03/2001 Stockholm Summit: Member States must Implement Lisbon Strategy
06/12/2000 Board of UEAPME Re-elected
04/12/2000 Europas KMU nehmen die Herausforderungen der Zukunft an
04/12/2000 Europe’s SMEs Take Up Future Challenges
04/12/2000 Les PME européennes relèvent les défis de l’avenir
04/12/2000 Le PMI d’Europa raccolgono le sfide future
14/11/2000 SMEs and FP6: Europe needs not only Nobel prize winners, but also innovation
10/11/2000 SME concerns on EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
14/09/2000 UEAPME backs European Parliament boost for Small Business Charter and Multi-annual Programme
14/09/2000 L’UEAPME soutient le renfort du Parlement Européen à la Charte pour la petite entreprise et au programme pluriannuel
12/05/2000 European Congress “Women – Enterprises – Economy”
15/03/2000 SMEs Must Participate in a European Research Area
08/03/2000 Lisbon Summit: SMEs set Employment Priorities
16/12/1999 Late Payments Directive: European Parliament again defends the interests of Europe’s SMEs
08/12/1999 Social Dialogue: UEAPME is prepared for future negotiations at EU level
06/12/1999 ACCA joins European small business federation
28/10/1999 Council Must Support Practical E-Commerce for Europe’s SMEs - Country of Origin Principle the only Solution
30/09/1999 UEAPME/EUROPMI’s President meets Commissioner Liikanen with the clear message: Think small first!
14/09/1999 UEAPME states: EU Council is going into the right direction on reduced VAT for labour intensive services
09/07/1999 Introduction of Euro Notes & Coins: A Fair Deal for SMEs
06/07/1999 UEAPME & EUROPMI have merged - SMEs are now represented by one powerful organisation at European level
14/06/1999 New Responsibilities in Employment Issues for UEAPME
02/06/1999 European Employment Pact: UEAPME Statement to the Cologne European Council, 3rd & 4th June 1999
06/05/1999 UEAPME Demands More on Directive to Tackle Late Payment
30/04/1999 UEAPME met Romano Prodi on Future EU SME Policy
13/04/1999 European Structural Policy: UEAPME recommends programmes corresponding to the needs of SMEs
09/04/1999 SMEs Welcome European Central Bank Interest Rate Reduction - UEAPME Warns Governments not to draw the Wrong Conclusions
26/03/1999 New European Commission will be SME-friendly under Prodi
24/03/1999 BERLIN SUMMIT: UEAPME Supports Agenda 2000 Reorganisation of Regional Policies in Favour of SMEs
18/02/1999 Finnish EU Presidency will Back SMEs & Introduce a “Nordic Dimension”
17/02/1999 UEAPME supports EU Commission proposal on reduced VAT for labour-intensive services: An important step in the right direction, but still not enough!