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New skills for new jobs

The European Commission launched the "New skills for new jobs" initative, aiming to report on future skills requirements in Europe up to 2020. UEAPME overall welcomed the new initiative. The European economy needs to dispose of adequate competences at all levels and at all times to ensure its competitiveness in a challenging environment. This need is even more acute for SMEs which for years have already been suffering from a lack of qualified workforce.

UEAPME has however some questions about the limits and clear added value of a European instrument in this field. While long term skill forecasting is useful to give an overall picture of the challenges ahead we must acknowledge that it has its shortcomings. Training systems in particular should be demand driven and therefore respond to changing economic needs as quickly as possible. As these needs differ according to the sector, the national and even regional level, a European instrument faces certain intrinsic limitations.

Position papers

-  February 2009: UEAPME position on the EC communication "New skills for new jobs"

Other documents

- February 2011: Study commissioned by the EC on the future skills needs in micro and craft (-type) enterprises (also available in FR and DE)