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Economic crisis

Find out how SMEs are coping with the crisis and what are their main demands to the EU policymakers.

The economic situation in Europe dramatically deteriorated during the second half of 2008, with the downturn spreading from finance to the real economy. In 2009, UEAPME has commented on the main SME requests in a number of occasions, including a first-ever meeting between the European Social Partners and the College of Commissioners on 25 February and the Tripartite Social Summit on 19 March.

In March that year, UEAPME also published its first “Craft and SME Barometer”, an EU-wide survey conducted among its members. The Barometer is now a regular survey that we publish twice a year ahead of the European Summits in spring and autumn.

Press releases and other documents

-  06/09/2012: SMEs’ jobs potential is the key to solve the employment crisis

-  01/03/2012: Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs demand growth-focused measures

-  28/02/2012: Stable business confidence hides worrying developments, survey finds

-  20/02/2012: Economic crisis: rescue packages must include measures for growth, say SMEs

-  17/10/2011: Tripartite Social Summit: reforms are needed to avoid risk of recession, warn SMEs

-  11/10/2011: Business confidence suffers and recovery falters, survey finds

-  24/03/2011: Tripartite Social Summit: time for unions to discuss wage developments, say SMEs

-  15/03/2011: Business confidence improves but worrying differences emerge, survey finds

-  28/10/2010: Tripartite Summit: only reforms and private spending will trigger an upturn, say SMEs (auch verfügbar auf Deutsch)

-  25/10/2010: Business confidence grinds to a halt as doubts linger over recovery

-  28/09/2010: Expiring measures on loan guarantees and risk capital must be kept, say SMEs

-  04/06/2010: Economic crisis: reforms are unavoidable but must be shared, say SMEs

-  23/03/2010: Business confidence is on the rise but an upswing is not near, SME survey finds

-  15/02/2010: Only private spending will bring Europe out of the crisis, warn SMEs (auch verfügbar auf Deutsch)

-  04/12/2009: Capital regulations must be strengthened without harming SME finance

-  09/11/2009: Recovery measures must be geared towards to the future, SMEs urge ECOFIN

-  05/11/2009: Open letter to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision on regulatory capital, dynamic provisioning, tier 1 capital

-  29/10/2009: Tripartite Social Summit: the crisis is not over, warn SMEs

-  19/10/2009: Business confidence picks up slightly despite worrying reality, SME survey finds

-  18/09/2009: Financial regulation: EU must support the real economy, not the City of London

-  03/06/2009: Commission’s proposals to tackle unemployment set the right priorities

-  03/06/2009: Swedish Presidency will be instrumental in restoring confidence, say SMEs

-  14/05/2009: Brussels Economic Forum: put the real economy first, say SMEs

-  07/05/2009: Employment will further decline unless urgent actions are taken, warn SMEs

-  28/04/2009: Economic crisis: policymakers urged to “think and act small first”

-  31/03/2009: G20 summit must first and foremost restore confidence, say SMEs

-  19/03/2009: Tripartite Social Summit: SMEs urge EU to match commitments with action

-  12/03/2009: Small businesses’ confidence hits new record low, first EU SME survey reveals

-  25/02/2009: Recovery action must go beyond big businesses, SMEs urge Commission

-  10/02/2009: Economic crisis: SMEs warn against rising wave of protectionism

-  22/01/2009: Economic crisis must not be an excuse to stop reforms

-  21/01/2009: Access to finance: differences remain despite wide range of responses, say SMEs

-  26/11/2008: Economic recovery plan deserves Member States’ full cooperation, say SMEs

-  25/11/2008: Europe’s economic recovery will not happen without SMEs

-  03/11/2008: European SMEs should not pay the price of current economic crisis

-  30/10/2008: SMEs can lead Europe out of the crisis, says re-elected UEAPME President

-  05/10/2008: Summit gives hope that consumers and SMEs will be sheltered from financial crisis