Late payments

Payment delays hamper the development of viable businesses and are responsbile for one bankruptcy out of four in the European Union. The EU rules to fight late payments, which cover businesses and public auhtorities at present, are currently being reviewed. According to UEAPME, their scope should be extended to cover business-to-consumer transactions to shelter SMEs from the increasingly common phenomenon of late payments from private customers.

Position papers

-  September 2009: UEAPME’s position paper on the Commission’s proposal on the late payments directive (recast)

-  June 2006: UEAPME position on late payments

Press releases

-  20/10/2010: New rules against late payments: SMEs welcome Parliament’s vote

-  18/03/2010: SMEs welcome Parliament Committee’s vote on late payments

-  08/04/2009: EC proposal to fight payment delays can be further improved, say SMEs

Other documents

- April 2009: UEAPME’s evaluation of the EC proposal for the recast of the Late Payments Directive