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Learning Mobility in VET

Position papers

-  January 2012: UEAPME position on "Erasmus for all"

-  June 2011: UEAPME comments regarding the Commission’s Staff Working Paper on the development of benchmarks on education and training for employability and on learning mobility

-  October 2009: UEAPME reply to the Green Paper "Promoting the learning mobility of young people"

-  October 2008: UEAPME Resolution on Vocational Education and Training and Mobility of apprentices and young people in initial VET (also available in DE, FR, IT)

-  May 2008: UEAPME position on the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)

-  January 2008: UEAPME concept paper on the mobility of apprentices and young people in initial vocational training

-  March 2006: UEAPME concept paper on Measures for improving mobility of apprentices in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme 2007-2013 and of the studies undertaken by the European Commission with the budget line “Guy-Quint” on an “Erasmus style” programme for Apprentices

-  November 2005: UEAPME position on mobility in the framework of the proposal for the new integrated lifelong learning programme

-  September 2004: UEAPME response to the consultation on a system of credit transfer for vocational training and common reference levels for VET

Press releases

-  23/11/2011: SMEs broadly welcome new “Erasmus for all” programme

-  09/11/2010: “EuroApprenticeship” project launched to support apprentices’ mobility

-  13/09/2005: Decision on training and education mobility programme welcomed

-  12/02/2004: Vocational Training: UEAPME asks for creation of ERASMUS programme for apprentices

-  12/02/2004: Formation professionnelle : l’UEAPME demande la création d’un Erasmus pour les apprentis en Europe