Working time

Position papers

-  July 2017: UEAPME response on a possible revision of the Road Transport Working Time Directive

-  March 2015: UEAPME reply to Working Time Consultation

-  March 2011: UEAPME reply to the second-phase consultation of the social partners on the revision of the Working Time Directive

- June 2010: UEAPME’s reply to the first consultation of the European Social Partners on reviewing the Working Time Directive

-  May 2007: UEAPME report on the practical implementation of Directive 2003/88/EC concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time

-  October 2004: UEAPME Position on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and the Council modifying directive 2003/88/CE concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time

-  March 2004: UEAPME Position concerning the Communication from the Commission on the revision of certain aspects of the Working Time Directive 93/104/CE

Press releases

-  14/12/2012: Joint statement by UEAPME, BUSINESSEUROPE and CEEP on the negotiations on the working time directive

-  16/06/2010: Transport working time: EP vote limits freedom of enterprise, say SMEs

-  28/04/2010: Transport working time: SMEs deeply concerned by Parliament Committee’s vote

-  28/04/2009: SMEs regret failure to reach agreement on working time

-  17/12/2008: SMEs condemn Parliament’s plenary vote on working time

-  05/11/2008: Committee vote on Working Time puts a dent on Parliament’s reputation

-  10/06/2008: SMEs satisfied with Council agreement on working time and temporary work

-  06/12/2007: Employment Council conclusions do not solve working time impasse

-  07/11/2006: Lack of agreement on Working Time Directive is a huge missed opportunity

-  11/05/2005: Parliament’s changes to working time rules threaten business and jobs

-  20/04/2005: Parliament decision on Working Time Directive must be reversed

-  21/09/2004: SMEs give non-satisfactory verdict to Commission’s revision of Working Time Directive