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EU 2020 Strategy

The European Commission has published its "EU 2020" strategy in March 2010. According to the Commission, this strategy should enable the EU to make a full recovery from the crisis, while speeding up the move towards a smart and green economy. Despite some shortcomings, UEAPME believes that this document can really make a difference and bring Europe back on its pre-crisis growth path and should therefore be fully supported by Member States.

Press releases

-  03/03/2010: EU 2020 strategy must now earn Member States’ full support, say SMEs

-  15/02/2010: Only private spending will bring Europe out of the crisis, warn SMEs (auch verfügbar auf Deutsch)

-  13/01/2010: EU 2020 strategy must not turn a blind eye to the public sector, warn SMEs

Position papers and other documents

-  October 2010: UEAPME position on the governance process of the Europe 2020 Strategy

- June 2010: European Social Partners: Joint statement on the Europe 2020 Strategy

-  January 2010: UEAPME comments on the future “EU 2020 Strategy”

-  December 2009: European Craft and SME Policy 2010 – 2014: Towards Growth, Prosperity and Stability