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News and events

This page provides you with the latest news about UEAPME and its events. You will also find the related press releases and position papers when available.

06/10/2011 4th European Forum “Co-operative Banks and SMEs” in Warsaw, 6 October 2011
04/07/2011 SMEs discuss future EU 2014-2020 budget in Brussels
26/01/2011 High level seminar on "The role of SMEs in Standardization"
14/10/2010 3rd European Forum "Cooperative Banks and SMEs"
15/09/2010 High level seminar on “Sector policy, social dialogue and SMEs”
25/06/2010 Administrative Council discusses regional policy with Commission and Parliament
03/12/2009 Second European Forum “Cooperative Banks and SMEs” takes place in Brussels
02/12/2009 General Assembly adopts policy agenda, discusses with ECB and EC, calls for more efforts on better regulation
27/04/2009 Policymakers urged to “think and act small first” at Craft and SME Convention
25/02/2009 UEAPME and fellow European Social Partners meet the Commission
30/10/2008 General Assembly re-elects President Toifl, tackles economic crisis
18/06/2008 Administrative Council tackles SBA, access to finance
04/06/2008 EC seminar on the Market Access Partnership
26/02/2008 European University/Business Forum: Toifl outlines SME needs
06/02/2008 UEAPME insists on a legally binding Small Business Act at EC public hearing
04/12/2007 First European Forum “Co-operative Banks and SMEs"
03/12/2007 PIN-SME launch event - ICT and SMEs: big opportunities for small players
08/11/2007 SME Policy Dialogue: “European SME Policy: Challenges ahead”
08/11/2007 UEAPME elects Andrea Benassi as new Secretary General
02/11/2007 President Toifl awards prizes to best Romanian SMEs in Bucharest
09/10/2007 UEAPME showcases SMEs’ role in EU regions at Open Days
13/07/2007 Employers’ Resource Centre website now online
11/07/2007 Board of Directors meets Portuguese Presidency
03/05/2007 Protypos 2007 award goes to Albrecht Mulfinger
25/04/2007 CDM celebrates Reckinger at the end of his mandate
17/04/2007 Stuttgart conference: "Challenges and opportunities for craft and small enterprises in the European Single Market"
06/03/2007 CSR: Secretary General Müller speaks at EP ahead of plenary vote, calls for rejection of Howitt report
14/02/2007 President Toifl addresses Parliament’s SME Intergroup on energy
08/01/2007 UEAPME Directors discuss work priorities for 2007 with President Toifl
01/12/2006 UEAPME General Assembly elects Georg Toifl as new President
21/11/2006 Budapest conference discusses integration of crafts and SMEs from new Member States
17/11/2006 UEAPME meets new EC Head of Unit for Crafts and SMEs
31/10/2006 UEAPME Board of Directors meets Finnish President H.E. Mrs Tanja Halonen
26/10/2006 NORMAPME celebrates tenth anniversary
10/10/2006 UEAPME praises the career of Mr Albrecht Mulfinger
31/08/2006 UEAPME’s Ludger Fischer swaps his keyboard for a paintbrush... for a week
14/07/2006 Final report on restructuring in new Member States now available
07/07/2006 UEAPME Administrative Council discusses crafts, State Aid and accounting standards
10/05/2006 Towards the European Intelligent Energy Forum for SMEs
19/04/2006 UEAPME and EFRAG discuss common accounting standards for SMEs across the EU
07/04/2006 5th Craft, Trade and SME Summit discusses European social model and flexicurity
04/04/2006 Final conference for the Business Opportunities and Services for Small-micro companies (BOSS) project
20/12/2005 New Deputy Director General of DG Enterprise visits UEAPME
06/12/2005 UEAPME General Assembly meets in House of Commons
14/11/2005 Meeting sets out priorities for forthcoming Austrian Presidency
08/11/2005 UEAPME urges ECB President not to change rates at Macroeconomic Dialogue
08/11/2005 UEAPME urges ECB President not to change rates at Macroeconomic Dialogue
24/10/2005 Tripartite Social Summit focuses on globalisation and the social models
29/09/2005 Summit celebrating 20 years of Social Dialogue
23/09/2005 International small business leaders meet in Brussels
19/09/2005 High-level conference on the future of SME policy
05/07/2005 UEAPME General Assembly held in Brussels
05/07/2005 SPORT results on the workability of REACH confirm need to amend proposals
21/06/2005 First Bilateral Meeting with new SME Envoy Maive Rute
14/06/2005 CSR Campaign - Final Conference
23/05/2005 UEAPME meets with EU Education Ministers
17/05/2005 Bilateral meeting with Commissioner Spidla
22/04/2005 4th Craft and SME Summit presents key issues for European SMEs
19/04/2005 SME priorities outlined to Enterprise Commissioner
22/03/2005 UEAPME takes part in Tripartite Social Summit
14/03/2005 UEAPME discusses Lisbon Strategy with President Barroso
07/03/2005 UEAPME meets European Council President Juncker at the Macroeconomic Dialogue
07/03/2005 UEAPME organises two EMAS awareness raising conferences in Italy and UK
22/02/2005 4th Craft and SME Summit — Meet the Lisbon Agenda: Simplification & Business Succession
21/12/2004 UEAPME and other European Social Partners meet with Commission President Barroso
01/12/2004 UEAPME General Assembly and conference on the preconditions for the establishment of strong and influential SME associations
13/10/2004 UEAPME holds first MEP breakfast meeting with new parliamentarians
01/10/2004 UEAPME to speak at Commission’s conference on "Business support services"
17/06/2004 UEAPME and other European Social Partners to meet Commissioner Dimas
08/06/2004 European Commission and UEAPME launch campaign to get Home State Taxation for SMEs
10/05/2004 UEAPME receives special prize from Rome City Council for its commitment to the values and identity of crafts in Europe
22/04/2004 3rd European SME and Craft Summit on the enlargement process
02/03/2004 UEAPME to participate at Commission’s Entrepreneurship Day
26/02/2004 UEAPME delegation meets Irish Prime Minister, proposes ways to get Lisbon Agenda back on track
18/02/2004 UEAPME and EFFS will hold a breakfast discussion on the issue of mortal remains transportation in the Internal Market
08/01/2004 UEAPME meets the Irish deputy PM, Ms. Mary Harney
18/12/2003 UEAPME becomes first authorised European Business representative organisation to register in Commission’s Solvit programme
01/12/2003 UEAPME participates in Manufuture Conference
25/11/2003 UEAPME’s General Assembly in Brussels
05/11/2003 UEAPME wins the call for tender by Directorate General Environment to organise two awareness-raising conferences on EMAS
03/11/2003 UEAPME wins the call for tender by Directorate General Environment in order to represent SMEs in the Community Eco-Label Award Scheme
09/10/2003 UEAPME holds dinner with members of the Entreprise Policy Group
02/10/2003 Final Conference of the Futurisme II Project
14/07/2003 UEAPME meets with Employment Task Force
18/06/2003 BRUNO MENINI SCHOLARSHIPS: UEAPME launches Research Prizes for Postgraduate Specialisation in the sector of SMEs
18/06/2003 UEAPME- MEPs breakfast meeting on foodstuffs
05/05/2003 UEAPME Board meets representatives of Czech Government and press