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The Cosmetic Forum brings together representatives of small and medium-sized manufacturers and professional users of cosmetic products. It contributes closely to the work of the European Commission DG Santé with experts in the major working groups and advisory boards and thus provides a platform for the exchange of best practice in the field of health and safety of employees in the beauty professions.

The following associations contribute to the Forum:

CEPEC Conféderation Européenne des Professionelles de l’Esthetique Cosmetique
Coiffure-EU European Association of Employers’ Organisations in Hairdressing
COSMED Association de la Filière Cosmétique
ICADA International Cosmetic And Detergents Association

Position papers

-  January 2016: UEAPME position on claims related to cosmetic products

-  February 2015: IFRA, UEAPME, COSMEBIO position on fragrance allergens within Reg EC No. 1223/2009

-  18/04/2011: UEAPME answer to the questionnaire of the European Commission concerning the impact assessment of the 2013 implementation date for the marketing ban of cosmetic products tested on animals

-  11/09/2008: UEAPME Proposal for Amendments concerning the proposed Regulation on Cosmetic Products (COM(2008)0049) - Comments on the Draft Report of the European Parliament (22/07/08)

-  11/09/2008: Amendements proposés par UEAPME concernant le Projet de Règlement Cosmétique (version du 05/02/08) Commentaires sur le Projet de Rapport du Parlement Européen (daté du 22/07/08)

-  11/09/2008: UEAPME Analysis and Comments on the Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on the proposed Regulation on Cosmetic Products (COM(2008)0049)

-  11/09/2008: Commentaires de UEAPME sur l’Avis du Comité Economique et Social Européen relatif à la Proposition de Réglement sur les Produits Cosmétiques (COM(2008)0049

-  01/06/2008: UEAPME Position on the Commission Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on Cosmetic Products COM(2008)49

-  01/06/2008: Position UEAPME sur la Proposition de Règlement du Parlement Européen et du Conseil relatif aux produits cosmétiques COM(2008)49