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The "Eco-Innovation Action Plan" was published in December 2011, replacing the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP). UEAPME asked the European Commission for a strengthened role of SMEs.

Ahead of its publication, UEAPME asked the European Commission the need of granting an important role to SMEs by taking into account the Think Small First Principle; UEAPME also insisted on the need of having SMEs represented in the Eco-Innovation Forum and Stakeholder Steering Body as well as the importance of having SMEs associated with Innovation partnerships. In UEAPME’s opinion the plan should be coherent with other instruments such as Eco-design.

In 2010, the UEAPME’s Sustainable Development Committee invited Mr. Igor Jelinski, of the European Commission (DG Environment E/4) working on the Eco-innovation Action Plan to provide an outline of the future plan as well as to present UEAPME’s demands on the dossier.

The Bilbao Declaration on Eco-Innovation in SMEs

As a result of the cancellation of the 8th ETAP Forum in Bilbao in April 2010, the organizers (Basque Government, Spanish Presidency and the European Commission) decided to elaborate a political declaration on Eco-innovation. The "Bilbao Declaration on Eco-Innovation in SMEs" was published on the 30th June 2010, under the Spanish Presidency. The Declaration was formulated thanks to the recommendations of speakers to the Forum, among them UEAPME. It was addressed to Member States and European Commission ahead of the publication of the Eco-Innovation Action Plan.

Guide to Eco-innovation for SMEs

"A Guide to eco-innovation for SMEs and business coaches" was published in 2013. The guide was developed by the Eco-Innovation Observatory and funded by the European Commission. It is a practical guide that presents the lessons learnt for SMEs as well as some eco-innovation good practices. The guide also focuses on the challenges and opportunities of eco-innovation for SMEs. The guide includes sections on: business model and value proposition, process eco-innovation, product eco-innovation, getting eco-innovations on the market, online resources for eco-innovation.

Position Papers

-  April 2010: UEAPME position on the upcoming revision of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP) and towards the Eco-Innovation Action Plan