On 1st June 2007 the Regulation 1907/2006, known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) entered into force after being adopted in December 2006. The Regulation requires a very large number of chemical substances to be subject to a registration process which will extend over a period of 11 years. UEAPME was very much involved in all the legislative process leading to the approval of REACH at EU level considering its strong impacts on various categories of SMEs, such as manufacturers or importers of substances, downstream users and formulators.

On 1st June 2007 the new European Chemical Agency started being operational as well. The Agency manages a European central data base with all the registered chemical substances. The Chemical Agency also provides guidance, IT Tools for companies and a helpdesk, which will co-ordinate the national helpdesks set up by the Member States to support the correct implementation of REACH. ECHA offers guidance and user manuals in 22 EU languages to help companies at every stage of the REACH and CLP process. SMEs not familiar with REACH can use the multilingual navigator tool on the ECHA website. The CLP section has been fully translated. There is also a glossary containing key terms relating to classification and labelling in 22 languages.

On the ECHA website you can also find the details of national helpdesks which provide assistance and information on compliance with REACH and CLP in local languages. To find out more, please visit: []


- Report from the Directors’ Contact Group between Commission, ECHA and Industry Associations on Meeting the First REACH Registration Deadline: Achievements, Lessons Learned and Recommendations

- Downstream users, are your uses covered?

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Position Papers - Second Reading

-  October 2006: UEAPME letter to MEPs ahead of REACH second reading vote in the Environment Committee

-  October 2006: UEAPME position on key REACH amendments (second reading vote in the Environment Committee)

-  August 2006: UEAPME’s priorities for the second reading of REACH

-  August 2006: UEAPME’s amendments for the second reading of REACH

Press Releases - Second Reading

-  13/12/2006: REACH: last-minute deal a step forward for simplification, a step back for SME formulators

-  10/10/2006: REACH: EP Environment Committee vote delivers mixed results for SMEs

-  05/10/2006: Second reading vote should secure a fair REACH for SMEs

Position Papers - First Reading

-  April 2005: UEAPME’s amendments on the REACH proposal for European Parliament first reading

-  April 2005: UEAPME’s position paper on Mr Sacconi’s report on the REACH regulation

-  April 2005: UEAPME’s position paper on Mrs EK’s opinion on the REACH regulation

-  January 2005: UEAPME Position Paper on the REACH Regulation EP Hearing

-  July 2004: UEAPME’s comments to the approach "One Substance, One Registration" in REACH

-  July 2003: UEAPME’s response to the internet consultation on REACH

-  February 2003: UEAPME’s Position Paper on the Commission’s Directive on VOC

Press Releases - First Reading

-  13/12/2005: Chemical rules made less damaging for small businesses

-  17/11/2005: REACH compromise compounds costs for small firms unnecessarily

-  14/11/2005: MEPs compromises must not jeopardise workable REACH

-  06/10/2005: Mixed feelings on the REACH vote in the EP Environment Committee

-  15/09/2005: Chemicals law moving in the right direction

-  08/09/2005: REACH: European SME organisations send united message to MEPs ahead of important committee votes on REACH

-  05/07/2005: SPORT results confirm SMEs hardest hit under REACH proposals

-  27/04/2005: REACH impact assessment confirms threat to small businesses

-  17/01/2005: REACH: burden still too heavy for downstream users and SMEs, UEAPME tells MEPs

-  20/10/2003: European SMEs need a branch-focused impact assessment of REACH

-  11/07/2003: "REACH": UEAPME demands fair sharing of data and cost of testing

Projects, Partnerships and Links

- SHERPER Study: recommendation on how to establish REACH Helpdesks at national level

With a view to the approval of REACH at EU level, the EU Commission launched a study to understand how to set up REACH helpdesks at national level, aimed at supporting businesses and particularly SMEs in the implementation of REACH.

The consultant in charge of carrying out the so called SHERPER study was supported by a group of experts among whom Mr. Erwin Tomschik, from the Austrian Member of UEAPME (WKÖ).

- SPORT, Strategic Partnership on REACH Testing

SPORT (the Strategic Partnership On Reach Testing) was a partnership between the European Commission, Member States and industry formed to jointly test out REACH legislation before it enters into force. In 8 sub-projects it simulated REACH pre-registration, registration and dossier evaluation of various chemicals and their downstream uses. The SPORT Steering Group consists of delegates from the European Commission, Member States and business organisations (Cefic, UEAPME, UNICE and DUCC). Read more »

REACH Committees

UEAPME is represented in several bodies dealing with the implementation of REACH.

Committees on REACH set up by the European Chemical Agency in Helsinki:

  • REACH Member States Committee: Agreement with CEFIC interacting with Marko Susnik (WKÖ)
  • REACH Socio-Economic Analysis Committee: Malte-Matthias Zimmer (CETS) and Andreas Lahner (CETS)
  • Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement of REACH: Marko Susnik (WKÖ)
  • REACH 2018 Communicators’ Network: Marko Susnik (WKÖ) and Guido Lena (UEAPME)
  • REACH Nanomaterials Working Group: Susanne Gfatter (WKÖ)

Competent Authorities Meetings for the REACH and CLP Regulations (CARACAL) (DG ENTR – DG ENV): D.I. Dr. Marko Sušnik – WKÖ/AT

Directors’ Contact Group between Commission, ECHA and Industry Associations on Meeting the REACH Registration Deadline: Experts: DI Dr. Marko Sušnik, WKÖ/Austria - Sherpa: Guido Lena, UEAPME. This group gathers the main associations of registrants with the aim to identify and address the key concerns related to the registration deadlines for several chemical substances subject to REACH.

Position papers

-  January 2017: UEAPME views on main issues raised by REACH Refit Consultation

-  November 2016: UEAPME letter to EIF on REACH registration deadline

-  November 2015: Cross-industry recommendations for better regulation in chemicals management

-  May 2015: UEAPME reply on REACH authorisation application procedure

-  January 2015: REACH - Industry views on the DU notification for authorised uses

-  May 2013: UEAPME Position Paper on the REACH Review

-  March 2013: Industry’s views on the Roadmap on Substances of Very High Concern

- October 2010: Eurocommerce and UEAPME comments on the draft guidance on requirements for substances in articles

In 2009, after two years of implementation of the REACH Regulation, the pre-registration phase finished. UEAPME presented a summary of the main problems SMEs are confronted to when implementing this complex piece of legislation. This paper shows the major conclusions and identifies seven areas for action with a view to optimising implementation.

October 2009: UEAPME position on the problems for SMEs arising from the implementation of REACH after two years