In February 2015, the European Commission published the Energy Union Package “A framework Strategy for a resilient Energy Union” with a forward-looking climate change policy. This is one of the Commission’s priorities for 2015 and the next years.

The Strategy has a very wide scope, since it concerns the following five pillars: 1. Energy security, solidarity and trust 2. A fully integrated European Energy Market 3. Energy Efficiency contributing to moderation of demand 4. Decarbonisation of the economy and 5. Research, Innovation and Competitiveness

The UEAPME Sustainable Development Committee is responsible for the pillars N° 3 and 4. Pillar 3 on energy efficiency mainly focus on the building and the transport sectors. The Roadmap accompanying the Strategy mentions the Commission plans to review various directives in this field: the Energy Labelling Directive, the Eco-design Directive, the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings as well as other non-legislative initiatives. Under pillar 4 on the decarbonisation of the economy, the Commission outlines its plans to contribute to a new binding international climate agreement at the COP 21 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change taking place in Paris in December 2015 through a system based on a strengthened Emission Trading System (ETS) and new national targets for the sectors outside the ETS including the land and forestry sectors (Effort Sharing);

The Strategy also puts forward the EU’s intention to become the world leader in renewable energy with a new Renewable Energy Package and a new Renewable Energy Directive for 2030.

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