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Horizontal policies

The goal of UEAPME is to cover all European policy areas that have an “SME angle”. It does so by actively monitoring the EU legislative developments that have a direct or indirect impact on European crafts and SMEs. Our Secretariat analyses the legislative proposals and programmes made by the EU institutions in the different areas it covers and elaborates concrete policy proposals with the help of experts from our member organisations.

UEAPME also plays a proactive role in the EU policy arena, by steering the work of the European institutions towards a better recognition of the crucial role small enterprises play in our society and making concrete proposals to improve their business environment.

General SME policy position papers

-  October 2017: The Future of Europe - The scenario of Crafts and SMEs

-  19/02/2016: UEAPME suggestions for the draft “SME Action Programme”

-  November 2015: We need a renewed and strengthened EU policy for Crafts and SMEs (Video message)
-  October 2014: UEAPME’s reply to the public consultation on the Europe 2020 Strategy

-  July 2014: SMEs mean jobs and growth - Crafts and SMEs 2020

-  October 2010: Paving the way out of the crisis: UEAPME priorities for the Hungarian Presidency

-  January 2010: UEAPME comments on the future “EU 2020 Strategy”

-  September 2009: Acting now to trigger a new start – UEAPME memorandum to the European Parliament for its first year in office

-  June 2009: Restoring confidence for a new start: UEAPME priorities for the Swedish Presidency

-  December 2008: UEAPME priorities for the Czech Presidency

-  December 2008: UEAPME Memorandum to the European Parliament for the upcoming elections

-  July 2007: UEAPME Policy message to the Portuguese Presidency: Unleash the growth and employment potential of Europe’s Crafts and SMEs

-  March 2007: Joint statement — Spring Summit: no time for complacency, warn European business organisations

-  October 2006: European Innovation Policy: Take SMEs on Board too

-  March 2006: European Policy for Crafts and SMEs: Now it’s time for concrete actions

-  March 2005: Economic growth and job creation: UEAPME Action Plan for the European Council

-  December 2004: Give last chance to Lisbon, UEAPME’s position paper for the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU

-  April 2004: UEAPME Memorandum for the Election to the European Parliament (EN) also available in DE, FR, IT