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The Impacts of Climate Change and Employment

The study analysing the activities of the national social partners in the area of climate change and jobs was presented at a conference in March 2011.

In May 2011, the first meeting of the High Level Group “Social Partners’ dialogue on climate change” took place. This group comprised several DGs of the EU Commission (DG Clima, DG Employment, DG Energy, DG Enterprise, DG Move) and the European Social Partners. The aim of the group was to constitute a stable structure where the European Social Partners would be associated to the works of the EU Commission in the fight against climate change.

In its demands in the area, UEAPME flagged up the need for green skills and the need to involve as soon as possible SMEs in the implementation of the Effort Sharing Decision, which deals with sectors outside the ETS.

Position Papers and Other Documents

- February 2011, European Social Partners: Joint study: Initiatives involving social partners in Europe on climate change policies and employment_EN (aussi disponible en français)

- November 2009: UEAPME’s position on the impact of climate change on employment