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The tourism sector is an important economic sector for Europe. It is a driving force of economic growth and makes a significant contribution to the quality of life of the Union’s own citizens and visitors. Tourism policy is a key component of the European Union’s strategy to improve competitiveness by creating an environment conducive to enterprise. UEAPME monitors this policy so as to help improve the situation of SMEs operating in the tourism sector.

UEAPME’s Tourism Forum - Ad hoc Working Group on Tourism

The UEAPME Tourism Forum brings together tourism experts from UEAPME’s national associations and experts from sectoral associations operating in the European tourism sector.

Position papers

-  December 2016: UEAPME-Hotrec policy proposals to boost job creation in the tourism sector.pdf

-  January 2015: UEAPME Position Paper on Safety Tourism accommodation

-  October 2011: UEAPME position on the Consultation Paper “Implementation of the European Tourism Quality Label”

-  March 2010: UEAPME’s comments on the discussion document “A new framework for the tourism policy in the EU”

-  February 2010: UEAPME position on the review of the Package Travel Directive

-  August 2003: Position Paper on the Consultation Document ’Basic orientations for the Sustainability of European Tourism

Press releases

-  20/10/2005: Sustainability an opportunity for tourism sector