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Biocides Product Regulation

The series of practical guidelines on data sharing, letters of access and consortia related to the Biocides Regulation (N° 528/2012) and drafted by the consortium including UEAPME was released in early 2015. These guidelines are particularly relevant for SMEs, since they aim at explaining complicated but essential aspects of the regulation with a step-by-step approach and reference templates. ECHA (the European Agency based in Helsinki managing REACH, CLP and the Biocides Regulation) will released these guidelines in all official EU languages.

Practical Introduction to the Biocides Product Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 and SMEs
Practical Guide on Data Sharing
Practical Guide on Letters of Access
Practical Guide on Consortia

In January 2015, UEAPME sent a letter to EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety,Vytenis Andriukaitis, in order to highlight potential problems raised by the 1 st September 2015deadline, as set by article 95 of the Biocides Regulation N° 528/2012. This provision could become a show-stopper for a large amount of SMEs since it requests, from all suppliers of active substances wanting to stay on the market after this date, an extensive and costly dossier-submission. To avoid this, UEAPME proposed an increase in the awareness-raising activities at Member State level, which should shed light on the complexity of the biocides regulation. In the letter, UEAPME also urged Commissioner Andriukaitis to consider a fall-back-option for SMEs which should fail to comply with their obligation at this date.

UEAPME letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis on the biocides regulation