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Here are four ‘flagship’ videos explaining the benefits of apprenticeship programmes:

Ireland (ISME): Liz Carroll Poland: Cukiernia Antolak
Germany (ZDH): Christian Sperle Germany: Tischlerei Dengler & Steinbrecher

-  06/10/2017: SMEs welcome EU Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships

-  03/06/2016: Towards a Shared Vision of Apprenticeships - Joint statement of the European social partners


-  25/05/2016: Employers’ Report on Apprenticeships

-  11/07/2013: Declaration European Alliance for Apprenticeships (Website)

-  July 2013: UEAPME paper contribution of Crafts and SMEs to apprenticeships

Euroapprenticeship on Mobility of Apprentices project