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Other publications

In this section you will find other publications issued by UEAPME.

-  06/09/2018: European Guidelines on Quality Assurance in Higher VET (DE, FR, GR)


-  15/06/2018: Future European Social Fund - Better Supporting Capacity Building of Social Partner Organisations

-  27/02/2018: Best Practices on Assisting SMEs with the Digital Transformation

-  16/12/2015: Gunilla Almgren - UEAPME President 2012-2015

SMEs in Europe: interest representation and access to finance in the past, present and future


At the Administrative Council that took place in Warsaw on 20 May 2011, UEAPME unveiled a publication on its 30 years and on SMEs’ access to finance, a joint initiative taken with the UniCredit banking group and the OECD.

Entitled “SMEs in Europe: interest representation and access to finance between past, present and future”, the book opens with a first part dedicated to the main achievements of UEAPME in the past 30 years, such as reuniting SME organisations, becoming a recognised and full-fledged European Social Partner and creating a powerful SME representative in the standardisation arena.

The second and third part deal respectively with the current and future scenario on access to finance, with contributions from the UniCredit group on its activities on the field, on the banking sector perspective and on the country situation in Italy and Poland, as well as from the OECD on the evaluation of the policy decisions made during the crisis, on emerging best prac-tices and on future study areas.

Download the PDF document in English:

UEAPME Compendium of good practices of diversity and non-discrimination initiatives in European Crafts, SMEs and their organisations (2007)


Key challenges facing European labour markets: a joint analysis of European Social Partners (2007)


UEAPME Leaflets (2006)


Download the leaflets in:

UEAPME 2000 - Crafts, Trades and SME Policy Agenda for Europe (2000)


UEAPME presents an overall policy strategy for the private owned-managed enterprises in Europe. The strategy paper is the result of an intensive discussion process with all UEAPME Member Organisations. Starting with a description of the role of SMEs in Europe, UEAPME 2000 contains an encompassing analysis of the challenges for our enterprises and our proposals in overcoming these challenges.

Quality in Apprenticeship in the European Union (2000)

  • Download part one in: EN - FR - DE
  • Download part two in: EN - FR - DE

This guide is the result of the UEAPME project “Quality of Apprenticeship in the European Union”, supported by the European Commission. This guide should serve as a European overview for the different systems of apprenticeship.

European Sectoral Associations for SMEs - Their voice in Europe (2000)

  • Download the PDF in: EN

A guide on UEAPME’s sectoral organisations.