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Macroeconomic policy and economic growth

UEAPME has participated from the beginning (1999) at the so-called "Macro Economic Dialogue", which is a set of regular meetings on different levels between the Social Partners, the Finance Ministers, the European Central Bank and the European Commission to exchange views on monetary policy, fiscal policy (Stability and Growth Pact) and wage developments. General aspects of economic growth and the economic policy framework of the European Union are also dealt with in this sector.

Position papers

-  March 2007: Joint statement — Spring Summit: no time for complacency, warn European business organisations

-  March 2006: European Policy for Crafts and SMEs: Now it’s time for concrete actions

-  October 2005: The European Social Model and the European economic reform agenda - a contradiction or complementary policies?

-  March 2005: Economic growth and job creation: UEAPME Action Plan for the European Council

-  June 2003: UEAPME’s Position paper on Broad Economic Policy Guidelines 2003

-  June 2003: Prise de position concernant les GOPE 2003

-  June 2003: The change-over to the Euro: a success story for European SMEs

-  January 2003: Debate on industrial policy is good, change in policy making approach is better

-  November 2002: UEAPME’s European Programme for Growth and Stability. Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on the 14/11/02

-  November 2002: Programme Européen pour la Croissance et la Stabilité: Résolution de l’Assemblée Generale de l’UEAPME

-  October 2002: UEAPME’s proposals for the upcoming communication of the European Commission on Industrial Policy

-  December 2001: Meeting the challenges of the economic downturn and of terrorism

-  April 2001: Joint statement by representatives of consumers and representatives of traders and SMEs: "Good practice to promote consumers’ familiarity with the euro and to facilitate the introduction of euro coins and banknotes in 2002" (EN)

-  March 2001: Objectives have to be implemented — UEAPME’s contribution to the European Council, Stockholm, 23rd and 24th March 2001

10 Years of Macroeconomic Dialogue in the European Union

Economic and Fiscal Policy Director Gehrard Huemer published an article on "10 Years of Macroeconomic Dialogue in the European Union" in the June 2009 issue of the "Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter" journal. His contribution tries to explain the economic and political rational behind the foundation of the Macro Economic Dialogue in 1999 as well as its structural rigidities. Furthermore, the interests of the different participants are briefly described and, as far as the confidence of the dialogue allows, the most important issues mentioned which have been discussed during the last years. In a final résumé and outlook, some experiences with the MED and proposals for its improvement are discussed against the background of the current crisis. Please click here to read the whole contribution (in German).

Press releases

-  05/06/2014: SMEs welcome ECB efforts to support SME lending

-  12/11/2012: Macroeconomic Dialogue: SMEs call on unions to stop opposing reforms

-  20/02/2012: Economic crisis: rescue packages must include measures for growth, say SMEs

-  23/06/2011: Economic governance package will be toothless if sanctions are weakened, warn SMEs

-  14/02/2011: Uncompetitive prices and wages are the root of recent imbalances, say SMEs

-  16/11/2010: Macroeconomic Dialogue: imbalances must be tackled, say SMEs

-  15/02/2010: Only private spending will bring Europe out of the crisis, warn SMEs

-  09/11/2009: Recovery measures must be geared towards to the future, SMEs urge ECOFIN

-  12/03/2009: Small businesses’ confidence hits new record low, first EU SME survey reveals

-  06/11/2008: ECB interest rate cut the right decision at the right moment

-  03/07/2008: ECB’s interest hike must not be the first of a series

-  12/02/2008: EU economic slowdown: stability must prevail over interventionism

-  06/09/2007: Decision to leave interest rates untouched a breath of fresh air for SMEs

-  09/03/2007: Spring Summit conclusions lack of substance on energy policy and structural reforms

-  08/03/2007: Tripartite Social Summit: European SMEs call for bold structural reforms

-  08/03/2007: Tripartiter Sozialgipfel: Europäische KMU verlangen echte Reformen

-  March 2007: Joint statement — Spring Summit: no time for complacency, warn European business organisations

-  27/11/2006: Hike in interest rates may undermine EU economic recovery

-  08/06/2006: Increased interest rates create uncertainty on investment conditions

-  24/03/2006: Spring Council conclusions: will they really make a difference for SMEs?

-  20/03/2006: Spring Summit will be the real litmus test for an effective EU SME policy

-  01/12/2005: ECB’s regrettable rate rise must not become a trend

-  29/11/2005: ECB stubbornness on rate rise would defy reason and economic reality

-  08/11/2005: Temptation to tinker with interest rates must be resisted

-  03/09/2004: Commission’s plans to reform SGP will improve economic governance, says UEAPME

-  10/05/2004: BEPG: Stability Pact problems must be addressed, UEAPME tells Commission

-  10/05/2004: GOPE: les problèmes du Pacte de Stabilité doivent etre abordés, l’ UEAPME dit à la Commission

-  05/12/2003: European SMEs push for an improved Stability and Growth Pact at next EU Summit

-  05/12/2003: Les PME européennes demandent une amélioration du Pacte de Stabilité et de Croissance lors du prochain Sommet UE

-  11/06/2003: EU Summit: European SMEs expect policy proposal to overcome short-term economic problems

-  11/06/2003: Sommet UE: les PME européennes attendent une proposition politique afin de surmonter les problèmes économiques à court terme

-  21/01/2003: UEAPME welcomes Industrial Policy debate, proposes change in Industrial regulations approach

-  21/01/2003: L’UEAPME se réjouit du débat sur la politique industrielle et propose un changement d’approche pour les réglementations à ce sujet

-  02/12/2002: Macro Economic Dialogue: UEAPME blames Europe’s decision makers for current economic lacklustre

-  02/12/2002: Dialogue Macro-économique: l’UEAPME tient les décideurs Européens pour responsables de la morosité économique actuelle

-  19/11/2002: UEAPME: current economic crisis is mainly due to policy deficits and not to external factors

-  19/11/2002: L’UEAPME : la crise économique actuelle est surtout due aux deficits politiques et non aux facteurs externes