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Public procurement

Public procurement plays a significant role in the European economy: it is estimated that it accounts for 16% of the current GDP in the European Union. UEAPME seeks to ensure a better access for SMEs to this important market.

Position papers

-  25/07/2013: UEAPME Assessment of the new Public Procurement Directive

-  February 2013: UEAPME demands for the "Trialogue" talks on the Public Procurement Directive

-  April 2012: UEAPME position on the proposal of the European Commission on Public Procurement

-  April 2011: UEAPME reply to the consultation on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy

-  03/10/2007: “Which Public Procurement Procedures will be helpful to SMEs and which will be a hindrance?”, an UEAPME intervention at the UNIEP Policy Day

-  08/05/2007: “The main difficulties encountered by SMEs in accessing public contracts and how to resolve them”, an UEAPME intervention at the Public Hearing of the IMCO Committee "SME perspectives on Public Procurement"

-  July 2007: UEAPME Comments on the initiative from DG Environment on Green Public Procurement (GPP)

-  February 2007: SMEs’ access to public procurement: promoting the exchange of good practices

-  October 2006: Facilitating the access of SMEs and crafts to public tenders

-  June 2001: Comments on Directive on the co-ordination of procedures for the award of public supply, public services and public work contracts

Press releases

-  21/02/2013: Public procurement: “trialogue” talks last chance to get rules right, warn SMEs

-  20/12/2011: Public procurement: SMEs welcome simplification, warn about transparency

-  29/11/2007: Public procurement: EC study backs SME calls for better admin rules

-  08/05/2007: Administrative rules a key obstacle to SME-friendlier public tenders

-  22/02/2007: Facilitating SMEs’ access to public procurement: focus on best practices

-  05/12/2006: Innovation: competition is a pre-condition for “smart” procurement

-  25/10/2006: Small businesses’ access to public procurement must be improved at all levels

-  25/10/2006: L’accès des PME aux marchés publics doit être amélioré à tous niveaux

-  13/09/2006: Innovation: “smart” procurement and “lead markets” are steps in the right direction