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Better regulation and simplification

UEAPME has welcomed the target set by the Commission to reduce red tape with 25% at European and national level. Better regulation and simplification is for many years one of the main concerns of SMEs. They suffer from relatively higher administration and compliance costs than larger enterprises. UEAPME closely follows the simplification and better regulation process.

Position papers

-  December 2012: UEAPME position on the top 10 most burdensome legislative acts for SMEs

-  January 2012: UEAPME position on the EC report “Minimising regulatory burden for SMEs – Adapting EU regulation to the needs of micro-enterprises”

-  August 2010: UEAPME position on "smart regulation"

-  March 2008: UEAPME proposals for simplification

-  July 2005: UEAPME proposals on simplification

Press releases

-  07/03/2013: “Smart regulation”: all EU institutions must do their part, warn SMEs

-  03/12/2009: New EU term must deliver on better regulation, demand SMEs

-  28/04/2009: EUROCHAMBRES and UEAPME call for more and better impact assessments

-  17/04/2008: Better regulation agenda must move from theory to practice

-  26/11/2007: Competitiveness Council sends strong message on simplification

-  25/10/2005: Commission has grasped the nettle of complicated laws

-  22/09/2005: Commission’s legislative clean-up list no panacea

-  19/07/2005: Legislative simplification must address excessive burden on SMEs

Other documents

-  15/09/2009: EUROCHAMBRES and UEAPME joint letter on the Regulatory Impact Assessment system in the Czech Republic

-  28/04/2009: Joint Eurochambres - UEAPME letter on impact assessment