Company law

The aim of the European Community by designing a framework for company law is to harmonise the conditions and national approaches for the establishment of companies in the EU. Although not a main concern for most small enterprises, UEAPME closely follows the developments in this area, especially the debate on a European Private Company statute.

Position papers

-  July 2015: UEAPME position on a proposal for a Directive on single-member private limited liability companies

-  May 2012: UEAPME position on the future of European Company Law

-  September 2011: UEAPME reply to the first stage consultation of social partners on the possible review of Directive 2001/86/EC supplementing the Statute for a European Company with regard to the involvement of employees

-  July 2011: UEAPME position on the Green Paper “The EU corporate governance framework”

- February 2010: UEAPME comments on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Directive 78/660/EEC on the annual accounts of certain types of companies as regards micro-entities

-  October 2008: UEAPME Position on the European Private Company

-  November 2007: UEAPME’s response to the Consultation on a possible European Private Company (EPC) Statute

-  October 2007: UEAPME’s position paper on the Communication from the Commission on a simplified business environment for companies in the areas of company law, accounting and auditing

-  March 2004: UEAPME Position Paper on the proposal for a Directive on Cross-Border mergers of Companies with share capital

Press releases

-  26/10/2011: “Responsible business package”: good news on accounting, bad news on CSR, say SMEs

-  26/02/2009: Exempting micro enterprises from filing accounts is not better regulation

-  23/11/2007: European Private Company statute: devil is in the detail, say SMEs

-  15/11/2007: Joint press release UEAPME-EFAA-FEE — Company law, accounting and auditing: Commission’s simplification approach might jeopardise the Single Market, say European SMEs and accountants