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European Charter for Small Enterprises

In the framework of the Lisbon strategy the EU Member States and the European Commission endorsed in June 2000 the European Charter for Small Enterprises. By adopting the Charter, the EU has set a standard that is very much in accordance with the positions taken by UEAPME over the years.

The full implementation of the European Charter for small enterprises in the EU and the Candidate Countries, as well at European level is one of the main objectives of UEAPME. Moreover, any coherent SME policy supported by the governments and / or the European Union must take into account the European Charter, recognising small enterprises as the economic engine of the European economy and an indispensable condition for achieving social cohesion and welfare.

Position papers

-  September 2002: UEAPME document for the preparation of the Experts’ Meeting on the Business Environment for Crafts and Small Enterprises

-  September 2002: Extended letter to the Spanish presidency - European Charter for Small Enterprises

Press releases

-  03/06/2008: Charter conference: small enterprises must not be treated as second-class

-  14/06/2006: Small Business Charter needs a fresh start

-  16/06/2005: Mixed results on progress under Small Enterprise Charter

-  15/02/2005: Proposed revision will dilute Small Enterprises Charter

-  29/06/2004: Charter for Small Enterprises: frail legal status is barrier to faster and better implementation

-  29/06/2004: Charte pour les Petites Entreprises: son statut juridique fragile est une barrière à une mise en oeuvre meilleure et plus rapide

-  30/09/2003: Small Business Charter: UEAPME says implementation of Charter still deficient in Member States and Accession Countries

-  30/09/2003: Charte des Petites Entreprises: L ‘UEAPME déclare que la mise en oeuvre de la Charte est encore insuffisante dans les Etats Membres et dans les Pays Candidats

-  04/12/2002: UEAPME urges Italian Government to implement Charter for Small Business and take SME friendly actions during its presidency in 2003

-  04/12/2002: L’ UEAPME recommande vivement au gouvernement italien de mettre en oeuvre la Charte pour les petites entreprises et d’adopter des actions favorables aux PME lors de sa présidence en 2003