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Corporate Social Responsibility

UEAPME is an active member of the Multistakeholder Forum on CSR. The CSR forum was established in October 2002 by the European Commission to promote innovation, transparency and convergence of CSR practices by increasing knowledge, organising the exchange of experience and good practice and exploring the appropriateness of establishing common guiding principles for CSR practices and instruments.

UEAPME has continuously highlighted the fact that SMEs have a privileged position as regards CSR and the important role of SMEs as socially responsible actors as well as its special needs and characteristics in this field.

Position papers and key documents

-  April 2016: UEAPME position on non-binding guidelines for non-financial information

-  September 2014: UEAPME Position Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility

-  March 2011: UEAPME position on the disclosure of non-financial information by companies

- November 2010: UEAPME and CSR - Overview of recent activities (2009-2010) for the European Multistakeholder Forum 2010

- March 2008: European Alliance for CSR: Progress Review 2007

-  March 2007: CSR: Further Red Tape or Chance for SMEs?

-  October 2002: UEAPME’s position paper on Corporate Social responsibility

-  June 2001: UEAPME Position Paper on the Green Paper "Promoting a European Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility" COM(2001)366 final

Press releases

-  26/10/2011: “Responsible business package”: good news on accounting, bad news on CSR, say SMEs

-  03/05/2007: “Responsible Entrepreneurship”: SMEs’ awareness is key to a wider CSR uptake

-  13/03/2007: CSR: mixed results from Parliament plenary’s damage limitation attempt

-  06/03/2007: Parliament report on CSR creates mistrust towards small businesses

-  14/11/2003: Corporate Social Responsibility: European SMEs warn public authorities against additional binding regulations

-  14/11/2003: Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises : Les PME européennes déconseillent vivement aux autorités publiques d’ajouter des règlements contraignant

-  16/10/2002: Corporate Social Responsibility must remain voluntary - UEAPME fears that CSR will lead to additional obstacles for SMEs


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