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Small Business Act for Europe

UEAPME warmly welcomed the announcement made by the European Commission in October 2007 to examine a range of initiatives to back SMEs, in the form of a Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) in 2008. It is an important step in the continuous engagement of this Commission towards SMEs.

The founding principle of the Small Business Act, which remains a non-binding communication, is the "Think Small First" principle. UEAPME believes that this principle should be put in practice both at EU and national level.

What are governments doing?

Member States committed to implement the SBA by adopting the Competitiveness Council Conclusions of 1 December 2008. The SBA Action Plan, annexed to the Competitiveness Council Conclusions, focuses on short and medium-term measures to improve SMEs’ access to finance, to improve the regulatory environment and to enhance market access for SMEs. These priority measures are an integral part of the Commission’s response to alleviate the negative impact of economic and financial crisis on enterprises, especially SMEs. The European Council on 11-12 December 2008 supported the full implementation of the Action Plan for the SBA adopted by the Competitiveness Council on 1 December 2008.

UEAPME position papers

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UEAPME press releases

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News and events

- 18/06/2008: Administrative Council tackles SBA, access to finance

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Other documents

-  26/02/2008: Letter from Secretary General Andrea Benassi to Competitiveness Council Ministers