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Enlargement process

The enlargement of the European Union to Central and Eastern European Countries created an Internal Market of over 500 million consumers. The enlarged Internal Market is an enormous challenge and opportunity for businesses and small businesses of Europe. It will stimulate production, increase competition, reduce prices and raise demand within the European Union.

As the voice of European SMEs, UEAPME fully supported the accession of the Central and Eastern European Countries to the European Union, seeing this as an important contribution to the goal of political and economic stability in Europe, and closely follows the developments in this area.

Position papers

-  October 2002: UEAPME’s proposals for the upcoming communication of the European Commission on Industrial Policy

Press releases

-  21/12/2006: From EU25 to EU27: opportunities and challenges ahead for SMEs

-  04/12/2006: New UEAPME President Georg Toifl outlines priorities for his mandate

-  04/12/2006: Der neue UEAPME Prasident Georg Toifl skizziert die Prioritäten für seine Amtszeit

-  30/06/2006: Effective communication will ease Euro transition in new Member States

-  29/06/2006: Crafts and small businesses from new Member States face integration challenge

-  23/04/2004: Regulatory framework will determine long-term success of Crafts and SMEs in an enlarged Internal Market

-  23/04/2004: Le cadre réglementaire sera déterminant pour le succès à long terme des entreprises artisanales et des PME dans un Marché Intérieur élargi

-  23/04/2004: Rahmenrichtlinie ist Bedingung für einen anhaltenden Erfolg von Handwerk und KMU in einem erweiterten EU-Binnenmarkt

-  15/04/2004: Enlargement: can Crafts and SMEs in current Member States face the challenge?

-  15/04/2004: Elargissement: les PME et l’artisanat des Etats Membres actuels pourront-ils faire face au défi?

-  15/04/2004: Erweiterung: Können Handwerk und KMUs der derzeitigen Mitgliedstaaten der Herausforderung begegnen?

-  28/04/2003: UEAPME starts project to improve knowledge of Community Acquis in accession countries SMEs

-  28/04/2003: L’ UEAPME débute un projet visant l’amélioration de la connaissance de l’acquis communautaire dans les PME des PECO

-  04/04/2003: UEAPME and ETUC working together for the first time to help implement the social acquis in SMEs through social dialogue in the CEECs

-  04/04/2003: Une première pour l’UEAPME et la CES dans un projet conjoint pour aider les PME à mettre en oeuvre l’acquis social communautaire par le biais du dialogue social dans les PECO

-  09/10/2002: UEAPME supports positive report on enlargement but asks Commission to closely monitor new entrants

-  15/10/2001: SMEs in the candidate countries need coherent policy framework - UEAPME conference in Warsaw

Projects and links

- Business Support Programme I
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- Business Support Programme III