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Market access

A stronger Market Access Partnership

In the framework of the Global Europe Strategy, the European Commission published the Communication “A stronger partnership to deliver Market Access for European exporters” on 18 April 2007. With this Communication, the European Commission re-launched the Market Access Strategy created in 1996, whose goal is to improve the access of EU business to world markets. This Communication gave a new impetus to the Market Access Partnership.

The Market Access Partnership (MAP) aims at improving the cooperation between businesses, the Member States and the Commission in order to tackle trade barriers in third countries efficiently. The MAP operates through the Market Access Advisory Committee (MAAC), the Working Groups based in Brussels and the overseas Market Access Teams. UEAPME participates at the monthly meetings of the MAAC.

The Market Access Database (MADB)

The MADB is an online tool of the European Union’s Market Access Strategy. It provides EU business with information on barriers in important third markets as well as on the market conditions (i.e. tariffs and import formalities) in third countries. The MADB, which is free of charge, was improved in June 2007. It now allows users to rapidly access an overview of all recorded barriers for a specific sector in a specific country.


Complaint Register (CR)

The European Commission launched at the end of 2007 the Complaint Register in order to make it easier for EU companies to notify the European Commission of barriers they encounter to trade and investment in non-EU Member State’s markets. The Complaint Register is integrated into the MADB.

EU companies, business associations, Member States, EU delegations and other complainants can report on the one hand of any measures imposed or practices carried out by third countries which appear incompatible with international rules and agreements to which the EU is a party (such as the WTO Rules and bilateral trade agreements). On the other hand, they can also report of any measures or practices which may not be contrary to international rules or agreements but which nevertheless hinder or lead to restrict imports or investment from the EU to third countries.


Seminar: “The Market Access Partnership: What Do You Expect and How Can You Contribute?"

This seminar, which took place in Brussels on 4th June 2008, was jointly organised by the European Commission and the Slovenian Presidency. It aimed at reviewing the activities of the Market Access Partnership carried out until now and at discussing how best to continue the work of the Partnership in the future in order to achieve greater results. Read more