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R&D and innovation

The European Council concluded in its Lisbon strategy in 2000 that Europe is lagging behind in R&D and innovation compared to the USA and Japan. Ten years later, this gap is still present and closing it remains a top priority. This will not be achieved without involving SMEs, as they make up more than 99 % of all enterprises in Europe.

UEAPME follows closely the European Commission five-year Research Framework Programmes (the current one is FP7, with FP8 in preparation). UEAPME is in favour of significantly increasing the budget for SME specific programmes, without prejudice to the guaranteed threshold for SME participation in the Thematic Programmes. UEAPME is also in favour of reducing bureaucracy regarding the management, administration and control of projects.

As far as innovation is concerned, UEAPME pleads for a broader definition, going beyond hi-tech to recognise and foster the specific way in which SMEs innovate.

Position papers and other documents

-  July 2017: UEAPME position on mid-term review of Horizon 2020 and on FP9

-  June 2017: Joint Declaration - An Ambitious FP9 Strengthening Europe’s Industrial Leadership

- March 2013 - UEAPME, EUROCHAMBRES, TAFTIE, EVCA, EARTO, EBAN: Joint letter on the "trilogue" negotiations on Horizon 2020

-  March 2012: UEAPME position on the future Innovation and R&D Programme Horizon 2020

-  September 2011: UEAPME comments on the proposal for a SBIR type programme to support research and innovation in SMEs

-  May 2011: UEAPME’s reply to the green paper consultation on a “Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation funding”

- January 2011: Next generation of European SME finance and Innovation Programmes - First issue paper from the UEAPME Secretariat

-  January 2011: UEAPME’s position on the Communication of the European Commission on the Innovation Union

-  January 2011: UEAPME’s first orientations for a new and more innovation focused framework programme for Research and Development (FP 8)

-  July 2010: Craft and SME priorities for the new R&D and Innovation Strategy

- June 2010: Discussion paper: Towards FP8

- June 2010: Discussion paper: Innovation policy at regional level

- May 2010: Discussion paper: Craft and SME priorities for the new R&D and Innovation Strategy

-  October 2006: European Innovation Policy: Take SMEs on Board too

-  December 2005: Comments on the consultation on State Aid for Innovation

-  February 2005: UEAPME’s position paper on a Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation

-  October 2004: Towards an innovation policy for crafts, trades and SMEs

-  January 2004: UEAPME Position Paper on the successor to FP6

-  May 2001: UEAPME Position Paper: RTD Committee "New RTD Framework Programme 2002-2006 [COM(2001)094]"

Press releases

-  30/05/2013: Horizon 2020: UEAPME requests more focus on innovation for SMEs

-  22/03/2012: Parliament and Council must bring “Horizon 2020” in line with SMEs’ needs

-  30/11/2011: Research, Innovation and Competitiveness package: promising news for SMEs

-  11/05/2011: UEAPME calls for dedicated SME programme integrating R&D and innovation

-  06/10/2010: “Innovation Union” commitments must be turned into reality, say SMEs

-  14/07/2010: Innovation must start from the market, not from R&D, SMEs tell Ministers

-  02/09/2009: Innovation: concrete efforts are needed for Europe to catch up, say SMEs

-  02/10/2007: R&D and SMEs: “Eurostars” programme could aim even higher

-  05/12/2006: Innovation: competition is a pre-condition for “smart” procurement

-  31/10/2006: European innovation policy must take small businesses on board

-  13/09/2006: Innovation: “smart” procurement and “lead markets” are steps in the right direction

-  05/07/2006: SMEs in FP7: Parliament moves from rhetoric to actions

-  29/11/2005: Council decision on FP7 will help improve SMEs’ R&D participation

-  21/09/2005: Proposals on innovation state aid an important step towards dynamism

-  03/06/2005: Minimum budget for SMEs in FP7 must be maintained

-  07/04/2005: FP7 budget must not scrap minimum allocation for SMEs

-  04/04/2005: FP7 must focus on smaller SME programmes for R&D targets to be met

-  16/02/2005: Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation must be more SME focused

-  18/01/2005: Increased bureaucracy in EU funded research projects driving SMEs away

-  27/10/2004: UEAPME: crafts and SMEs need new approach to innovation policy

-  12/03/2004: Broader view on innovation needed for SMEs

-  14/11/2000: SMEs and FP6: Europe needs not only Nobel prize winners, but also innovation