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Education and vocational training

Initial and continuous education and vocational training play a key role in the development of European crafts and SMEs. Small entreprises depend on well-qualified employees with formally or informally acquired competences responding to the labour market needs to survive in an increasingly competitive environment. UEAPME has a keen interest in educational and vocational training issues and particularly in increasing the mobility of apprentices in Europe.

- Read our work priorities in VET from 2008 onwards (aussi disponible en français)

General position papers and other relevant documents

-  September 2018: UEAPME position on Erasmus programme 2021-2027

-  16/03/2017: UEAPME comments on Erasmus + mid-term review 2017

-  January 2017: UEAPME position paper on Europass

-  December 2016: Opinion of the ACVT addressed to the EC on A Shared Vision for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning

-  November 2016: UEAPME position on ‘A New Skills Agenda for Europe’

-  October 2016: UEAPME position on establishing a Skills Guarantee

-  03/06/2016: Towards a Shared Vision of Apprenticeships - Joint statement of the European social partners

-  25/05/2016: Employers’ Report on Apprenticeships

-  February 2016: UEAPME contribution to New Skills Agenda for Europe

-  16/10/2015: UEAPME position on ET2020 joint implementation report

-  April 2014: UEAPME position on the EC Public Consultation a European Area of Skills and Qualifications

-  February 2014: UEAPME position on the Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships

-  October 2013: Proposals to guide the way forward for a strengthened cooperation between the Commission’s education and training services and the European social partners in the field

-  11/07/2013: Declaration European Alliance for Apprenticeships (Website)

-  July 2013: UEAPME paper contribution of Crafts and SMEs to apprenticeships

-  12/06/2013: Framework of Actions Youth Employment (Annex)

-  March 2013: UEAPME position on the EC communication "Moving Youth into Employment"

-  February 2013: UEAPME position on the "Youth Guarantee"

- February 2013: UEAPME reply to second EC social partner consultation on a European Quality Framework for Traineeships

- July 2012: UEAPME position on a Quality Framework for Traineeships

- March 2012: UEAPME contribution to the “Youth Opportunities Initiative”

- November 2011: UEAPME Background Note: Learning while Working - How skills development in SMEs can be supported

General press releases

-  22/11/2017: Skills shortages: a threat for SMEs

-  11/06/2013: Framework of Actions on Youth Employment - Social Dialogue Provides Solutions to Reduce Youth Unemployment

-  15/09/2010: “Youth on the Move” flagship initiative does not totally convince, say SMEs

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