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Copenhagen process

In November 2002 the Ministers for vocational education and training (VET) of the EU and EEA-EFTA Member States, the candidate countries, and the European Commission, adopted the ‘Copenhagen declaration’ on enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and training. The declaration was also endorsed by the Social Partners’ representatives at European level.

The Copenhagen declaration sets out a strategy for improving the overall performance, quality and attractiveness of VET in Europe.


-  25/06/2015: Riga Conclusions 2015 on a New Set of Medium-Term Deliverables in the Field of VET for 2015-2020

- April 2012 - Statement by Directors General for Vocational Training and European Social Partners: Promoting VET-business cooperation and partnerships in vocational education and training

- December 2010 - Bruges Communiqué on enhanced European cooperation in VET for the period 2011-2020

- November 2008 - Bordeaux Communiqué on enhanced European cooperation in VET: EN, FR

- December 2006 - Helsinki Communiqué on enhanced European Cooperation in VET: EN, FR, DE, FI

- December 2004 - Maastricht Communiqué on the future priorities of enhanced European cooperation in VET: EN, FR, DE

- November 2002 - The Copenhagen Declaration on enhanced cooperation in European vocational education and training