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Sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Unit of UEAPME focuses on EU Environmental policy and on the environmental aspects of EU Energy policy. This Unit voices the concerns of SMEs when having to comply with strict legislative requirements while lacking the necessary means (information, technical support and expertise, financing, etc.) to do so. Therefore, initiatives such as the Environmental Compliance Assistance Programme (ECAP), aimed at assisting SMEs in complying with environmental legislation, are warmly welcome and encouraged. The Unit mainly follows the legislative process of new and revised EU legislation in order for it to be applicable by SMEs while meeting the environmental and climate challenges of today.

General Papers

-  31/05/2017: European Social Partners Statement on greening the economy for jobs creation

-  October 2015: UEAPME-EBC letter to Calleja on Circular Economy

-  22/07/2015: UEAPME reply to Public Consultation on the Circular Economy

- 21/05/2015: UEAPME framework position on Sustainable Development and SMEs and its executive summary

Press Releases

-  02/12/2015: SMEs welcome Circular Economy Package despite shortcomings

-  25/06/2014: SMEs present energy policy concerns ahead of EU Summit